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Happy Stories

The stories listed below are Ulcerative Colitis stories with happening endings submitted users of the site who are some kick-butt UC’ers!
If you’re ever feeling crappy and starting to doubt that you’ll be back to normal and running good again, be sure to stop by here and take a read through what others are up to for controlling the colitis symptoms and getting back to a happy life that we all deserve.

Everyone with Colitis – Welcome to 2016!

Welcome to 2016 UC’ers. Pages talked about in the video are all listed below.  Give the ones you are most interested a read. Fecal Transplant Q&A Page (ever wanted to see two doctors answer the exact same questions to compare their responses..???:))) Gastro Doctor Master List (Over 400 GI doctors worldwide.  You add your own reviews of your docs too!) 20 Videos – ( examples… Read More »Everyone with Colitis – Welcome to 2016!

UC Wanna Piece o’ ME? BRING IT!

I have really enjoyed reading the posts on the website and your books, and totally agree that a positive attitude is everything. Even when UC takes a swing at you, you can let it overwhelm you or give it a day or two and then get going again.