Happy Stories

The stories listed below are Ulcerative Colitis stories with happening endings submitted users of the site who are some kick-butt UC’ers!
If you’re ever feeling crappy and starting to doubt that you’ll be back to normal and running good again, be sure to stop by here and take a read through what others are up to for controlling the colitis symptoms and getting back to a happy life that we all deserve.

UC Wanna Piece o’ ME? BRING IT!

I have really enjoyed reading the posts on the website and your books, and totally agree that a positive attitude is everything. Even when UC takes a swing at you, you can let it overwhelm you or give it a day or two and then get going again.

Goodbye Remicade – Hello Newborn Baby!

I was diagnosed in 2001 with this disease and have had ups and downs over the years. I started out as a mild case but in 2009 turned into more of a severe case. I have had about 6 colonoscopies and have been on several meds. Some more about Kimberly: So…I have two beautiful daughter-my favorite thing about myself. My biggest and best accomplishment. A… Read More »Goodbye Remicade – Hello Newborn Baby!

How is Your Poop Count – Once or Twice a Day?

Hey UC’ers, What is UP? I hope you are all excited that we’ve got a weekend coming real soon, should be some relaxing for some of us right?:) Things are going pretty good right now UC wise and I wanted to explain.  I’m pretty sure some of my thinking can help some others with UC who are struggling at the moment and not sure which… Read More »How is Your Poop Count – Once or Twice a Day?