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Happy Stories

The stories listed below are Ulcerative Colitis stories with happening endings submitted users of the site who are some kick-butt UC’ers!
If you’re ever feeling crappy and starting to doubt that you’ll be back to normal and running good again, be sure to stop by here and take a read through what others are up to for controlling the colitis symptoms and getting back to a happy life that we all deserve.

A Potential Option to Antibiotics That Worked for Me (Topical instead of Oral)

I am always SCARED that the day will come when I need to turn to antibiotics to fight off some infection or some other strange medical problem.  Maybe you feel the same.  Here’s a story that worked out well. A few weeks ago, the time came.  I had been dealing with a semi-bleeding nose, perhaps due to living in the desert environment of the Grand… Read More »A Potential Option to Antibiotics That Worked for Me (Topical instead of Oral)

Happiness is Key

A story from an ulcerative colitis patient from India who has struggled with the disease for 7 years but is now in remission even after multiple doctors said surgery. Read his story to learn about the steps he has taken to get to where he is now with his ulcerative colitis.

In Remission !!

A massive congrats to Laura who has found remission by treating her ulcerative colitis with the SCD diet and by removing certain foods and alcohol and doing all this while doctors felt there was a very small chance that she would have success, her story is amazing!

Everyone with Colitis – Welcome to 2016!

Welcome to 2016 UC’ers. Pages talked about in the video are all listed below.  Give the ones you are most interested a read. Fecal Transplant Q&A Page (ever wanted to see two doctors answer the exact same questions to compare their responses..???:))) Gastro Doctor Master List (Over 400 GI doctors worldwide.  You add your own reviews of your docs too!) 20 Videos – ( examples… Read More »Everyone with Colitis – Welcome to 2016!