Surgery – After

Helpful ideas about diet, treatment, moving forward, and life after getting surgery for treating ulcerative colitis.

How Did I Get Here?

Meet Damian: My name is Damian, I just recently turned 40 and reside in Los Angeles, California. I used to be an actor/model as well as weightlifter and skydiver. I’ve always had a loving relationship with nature and animals and being in the wilderness is my true passion. Some more background info: I’ve died or almost died 3 times in my 40 year existence. Back… Read More »How Did I Get Here?

Rectal Prolapse After Surgery?

I was first diagnoses with Ulcerative Colitis in 2009 and eventually had to have the total colectomy and ileoanal pouch surgery. The final surgery was completed in February 2014 and all was well until recently. I saw my GI this afternoon and am scheduled for a colonoscopy in 2 weeks time.

Kira’s Update: Surgery No 1 Complete and it was a Good Choice

After 19 years of on and off symptoms, they last 5-6 years being progressively worse, they are gone! I had my first surgery 3 weeks ago today! I have to say it is very strange not to poop! Some more about Kira: As a mom, wife, sister, and teacher, I can not wait to be ME again! I don’t think we, UCers, realize how much… Read More »Kira’s Update: Surgery No 1 Complete and it was a Good Choice

The MASTER of Holding It In

In November of 2013 I finally reached a breaking point I couldn’t handle the pain, achiness, the random fevers, the bleeding. I called to schedule a scope and because I like to be somewhat awake the doctor told me the colon that was left now has ulcerative colitis.