Surgery – After

Helpful ideas about diet, treatment, moving forward, and life after getting surgery for treating ulcerative colitis.

Post 2nd Surgery Update!

Introduction: My name is Curtis and I was diagnosed with UC in January 2011 and had to have my colon removed in February 2011. How am I Recovering From Colon Surgery: So 3 weeks post my second surgery and things are great! This recovery has been a thousand times better than the first surgery because I was in WAY better shape going into this surgery.… Read More »Post 2nd Surgery Update!

Another Update From Curtis – Moving On After Colon Surgery

Hey all, here is another update about how I’m doing in my recovery from having my colon surgically removed. I had the surgery on Saturday February 26th after only being diagnosed with UC on January 14th (that’s how severe my Ulcerative Colitis was). I was able to go home the following Friday with my ileostomy bag hanging off of my belly and all. The first… Read More »Another Update From Curtis – Moving On After Colon Surgery