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Stories written about having a J-pouch surgery after having the colon removed. Some of the stories are very detailed with nearly every step of the before and after aspects of this type of surgery outlined for you to read. It is absolutely amazing that so many people have been willing to come forward to share how ulcerative colitis impacted their lives all the way to the point where the decision was made to have a major surgery to regain their life back.

If you have further questions after reading any of the stories you can always ask the authors a question in the comments sections. You will be surprised how helpful the brave UC’ers who have gone down the surgery path are, and sharing their knowledge with others who are currently suffering is definitely their specialty.

A Massive J-Pouch Success Story – Finally Interviewing Curtis

Thanks so much Curtis, it was such a wonderful treat to be able to finally meet up with you down there in your homeland.  My wife and I really enjoyed hanging out with you. AND, I wish you and your family the very best moving forward, for sure they’ve some tuff times a few years ago worrying and thinking of your health.  It’s so great… Read More »A Massive J-Pouch Success Story – Finally Interviewing Curtis

My Diseased Adolescence

Introduction: I’m 18 years old, and I’ve been struggling with my Ulcerative Colitis, and for the past three years, my J-pouch, since I was 11. It’s been a hard road, and how lonely it is can be maddening. But I’ve gotten amazing support from my friends, family, and boyfriend. Some more about me: I’m from Upstate New York, I really love to sing. I go… Read More »My Diseased Adolescence

Kyle’s Update 3 Weeks out of J Pouch Takedown

Introduction: My name is Kyle and this is actually my 4th time posting on this site. I first joined about a year after I was diagnosed with UC, but I started posting updates when I made the decision to have the J pouch operation. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a very active 21 year old guy who loves sports, working out, good food and good… Read More »Kyle’s Update 3 Weeks out of J Pouch Takedown

J-Pouch Update – Life is Good – 8 Weeks Post Takedown

Well, like last time I’m well overdue for a post-takedown update. To start, things are going very well. I tell everybody that asks it’s a week by week or month by month thing, definitely not a day by day recovery (especially the first few weeks). I first have to start by again profusely thanking and recognizing my incredible wife for supporting me and our 9… Read More »J-Pouch Update – Life is Good – 8 Weeks Post Takedown