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Stories written about having a J-pouch surgery after having the colon removed. Some of the stories are very detailed with nearly every step of the before and after aspects of this type of surgery outlined for you to read. It is absolutely amazing that so many people have been willing to come forward to share how ulcerative colitis impacted their lives all the way to the point where the decision was made to have a major surgery to regain their life back.

If you have further questions after reading any of the stories you can always ask the authors a question in the comments sections. You will be surprised how helpful the brave UC’ers who have gone down the surgery path are, and sharing their knowledge with others who are currently suffering is definitely their specialty.

Starting the J-Pouch Journey

Who is Dan… I’m one of those rare Los Angeles natives and have been all the way up and down Interstate 5. Technology nerd, baseball fan, and I love to travel. I’ve visited Japan, Spain, Italy, England, and Canada so far. Dan wrote: I currently have no symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis. Dan’ Story – “Starting the J-Pouch Journey” I first experienced signs of Ulcerative Colitis… Read More »Starting the J-Pouch Journey

Round 1 Down in J Pouch Surgery – What to Expect Next

Intro: I am in the Canadian Military and first noticed symptoms while on exercise. I play a lot of sports and workout daily. Current Symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis: I currently have no UC symptoms. Lewis’s J Pouch Story: I just had my first surgery of three. I am having a J-Pouch created over three surgeries. I was sick of being on meds and the risks… Read More »Round 1 Down in J Pouch Surgery – What to Expect Next

Kick UC’s…A!*&!

Intro: My name is Tasha Cornett. I’m a 30 year old female from Northeast TN. I work in internal medicine and unfortunately know way too much about treating UC. Some more about Tasha: I enjoy running and eating delicious food. I spend most of my free time right now planning my wedding that will be this summer!! Woot woot! Tasha’s Story: I was first diagnosed… Read More »Kick UC’s…A!*&!

1 Year Post Op – J Pouch Success

Meet Pranav: I’m a 28 years old male from India who suffered from ulcerative colitis since past 5 years . I was diagnosed with severe pancolits in Decemeber 2008. I opted for 1 step j-pouch surgery last year and had my colon completely removed. Some more background: I love traveling and eating good food. 1 Year Post Op: So…I had UC for 5 years and… Read More »1 Year Post Op – J Pouch Success

Any Ideas on How to Treat a Sore Arse After J Pounch Reconnection?

So here we are. Bad colitis 8 years. Colon removed emergency surgery February and on the bag. Rectum removed and J pouch created in August. Reconnected about a month ago….. …and my arse is sore. Like paper cuts with Satan gleefully squirting lemon juice. Even just rinsing with warm water is excruciating. I started out strong after the reconnection. No problems at all and was… Read More »Any Ideas on How to Treat a Sore Arse After J Pounch Reconnection?