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Surgery – Before

Ulcerative Colitis Patients before having colon removal surgery. The blog postings go into details about the questions that run through the heads of UC’ers before getting their colon removed and questions to others who have already had the experience on what to expect afterwards.

Impending Surgery

Meet Samantha: I was diagnosed when I was a just becoming a teenager. About 16-17 years ago. My last colonoscopy was about 6 months ago. I was recommended for surgery. Nothing was improving. Recommend to have a left sided colostomy. Surgery scheduled in January. Some more about her: I’m from Maine born and raised. I cherish the sea air like a religion. My favorite thing… Read More »Impending Surgery

How Smart Is Surgery?

I love traveling, trying out new experiences and foods, and working with people from different countries and cultures. I’m generally a relaxed & easy-going guy with a sense of humor. Current Colitis Symptoms: Symptom free at the moment How Smart Is Surgery? The standard approach of GIs for ulcerative colitis is to treat with medicine & monitor for cancer. Cancer is dealt with if and… Read More »How Smart Is Surgery?

No More Granny Panties!

I am a mother, grandmother, sister and wife. My family means everything to me!! I love to garden, read and spend time with my grandchildren. I keep a lot inside. I worry more about everyone else than I do about myself. I thought I would “just deal” with my UC for the next 28 years as I have always done.