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Pregnancy with UC

having ulcerative colitis and being pregnant sure is a tough task, here is a collection of stories related to just that from actual UC patients

Thinking about Baby Number 2

Secondly, now that the mild flare has stopped, my husband and I are trying for baby number 2. I got clearance from my Dr at the beginning of October but we’ve waited a while longer until I felt comfortable. I am so excited to give my son a sibling and at the same time terrified of another massive flare either during pregnancy or post-partum. Does anyone know what the likelihood is approximately of experiencing a flare pp?

Ten Weeks Pregnant and Practically Begging for Meds

So I’m in really bad shape right now. I’m terrified. Almost ten weeks pregnant and a flare that just went from slight to severe over the course of the past five days. I did not even start this pregnancy on a flare, and I stopped taking my meds (Lialda) initially, because I was told it was alright to do so.

Attention: MOMS!!!

Introduction: Amanda, 31. Diagnosed with colitis in 2011 after a week long hospital stay. Symptoms for about 3 years prior, crescendoing into a maelstrom of blood transfusions and IV drips! Wow! At least the nurses were awesome :) Some more about me: Professional lounger :) If one could be paid to lounge, I would be filthy rich. The only thing I stop lounging for is… Read More »Attention: MOMS!!!