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UC Found During Pregnancy

I’m a female 36 years old. I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis 7/2002. Married w/ 3 sons. Also have GERD & IBS. Currently in flare-up. Suffering w/stomach problems for the last 25yrs. (H. Pyloria & peptic ulcers)Vegetarian Some more about me: Own business. Published writer. Ordained minister (Hindu). From NYC. Recently relocated to South Jersey. Survived a car accident-totaled new car(90days ago). Recovering from broken… Read More »UC Found During Pregnancy

Thinking about Baby Number 2

Secondly, now that the mild flare has stopped, my husband and I are trying for baby number 2. I got clearance from my Dr at the beginning of October but we’ve waited a while longer until I felt comfortable. I am so excited to give my son a sibling and at the same time terrified of another massive flare either during pregnancy or post-partum. Does anyone know what the likelihood is approximately of experiencing a flare pp?

Proving Your Colitis to Your Employer (When you need time off)

How to go about proving that your colitis is bad but you don’t necessarily need to see a doctor or have a doctor’s note. What is normal in terms of “sick days per year”. How often can you expect not to be able to perform your usual responsibilities? These questions are what this post is about.