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Strange Symptoms

Strange side symptoms that are possible with ulcerative colitis.

C Diff Struggle

Dean has been dealing with re-occurring c-diff several times now and is need of finding a way to turn it around so he can focus on containing the UC symptoms without another medical problem to fight at the same time.

Is it Colitis Symptoms or C-Diff…There IS a Difference

Hey UC’ers, I hope you all are doing well, and I wanted to send out a quickie message since there is a bit of a nasty distant relative of ulcerative colitis that we all should be on the look out for.  His (maybe it’s a she…ok ok…) name is C-diff.  Or as some of the scientists might call it:  Clostridium difficile Infection. You can find… Read More »Is it Colitis Symptoms or C-Diff…There IS a Difference

Pain in the Rear – Chronic Rectal Pain Actually

Joyce’s Ulcerative Colitis seems to be in complete remission but she still experiences the chronic rectal pain. A heating pad relieves it somewhat. Sitting and standing for a period of time makes it worse. Lying down at bedtime, her pain gradually subsides, and she doesn’t have problems sleeping through the night.

Doctors Tell You You’re a Mystery – Seeking UC Gurus

Meet Jay: Diagnosed 2009, via colonoscopy, really scary time thought I had cancer. Symptoms started with thousands of tiny sores on insides of my hands and fingers, found out these were ulcers. My mouth was full of ulcers and I couldn’t stop going to the toilet, not the best when your a swim teacher in a full wetsuit. Jay’s Symptoms: I am currently acutely unwell… Read More »Doctors Tell You You’re a Mystery – Seeking UC Gurus