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Strange Symptoms

Strange side symptoms that are possible with ulcerative colitis.

Jeckyl and Hyde

Bio: 34 year old married father of 3 who I adore. I have had some sort of issue or another with poo since I was Diagonosed with Ulcerative Proctosigmoiditis in June 2011. Symptoms: Current symptoms: A little blood, loose stool, mucous, and major urge in the morning. No diarrhea. Going anywhere from 4 to 7 times a day, but limited only to the a.m. right… Read More »Jeckyl and Hyde

Bad Smellin Wizz

Intro: Im a 21 year old college dude living with UC here in the USA, was diagnosed back in JAN 2010 Been on the SCD Diet since day one and been taking 3 lialdas every morning Take a multivitamin everymeal along with a vitamin D pill I enjoy frolfing, being outdoors, camping, fishing,chillin with friends, watching/playing soccer, love nature! Symptoms: Cramping,loose stools, sometimes blood Fowl… Read More »Bad Smellin Wizz