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Colitis Stories

Below are the complete list of stories that have been submitted by users of the website. They are mostly written by ulcerative colitis patients (UC’ers), but there are also some stories from parents, family, and friends of UC folks too. Some stories are about the initial diagnosis while others are about hard and sometimes happy times that follow after you know for sure you have UC.

Covid Vaccine for UC’ers Survey

AdamI started site  shortly after being diagnosed in October of 2008 with severe pancolitis (when my whole colon was inflamed). For me, it was a very rough start with severe symptoms.  Getting bounced from medication to medication was not easy or too helpful.  But, I did meet another UC’er, changes several parts of my diet, and of course the rest is history. Leave a comment,… Read More »Covid Vaccine for UC’ers Survey

Getting Moderna Shot 2

Just a little video about moderna shot #1 and in an hour I’ll be getting g the second moderna shot for the Covid virus. Of course hoping no serious side effects or adverse reactions come up, but we will have to just wait and see. The first shot was a piece of cake, with nothing weird to report other than a very slightly sore upper… Read More »Getting Moderna Shot 2

hiking with shovel

How Can You Go on a Long Hike With Ulcerative Colitis

So, a few days ago I received a message from a mother of a UC’er asking about people who had experience hiking the Appalachian Trail with ulcerative colitis. For those who don’t know, that particular trail is in the Eastern United States and runs from Georgia up to Maine. The length is around 2,200 miles or 3,500 km. Most people don’t hike the whole trail… Read More »How Can You Go on a Long Hike With Ulcerative Colitis

Dr. David Rubin MD

COVID-19 Vaccine Thoughts from a World Class IBD Doctor

The time is getting close with regards to several different vaccines being ready for the general public to help combat COVID-19. For those of us living with ulcerative colitis, it is once again a crossroads of tons of information, decisions we need to make, and trust in ourselves and the healthcare system. Not an easy time, but we have all been here many times before(well…minus… Read More »COVID-19 Vaccine Thoughts from a World Class IBD Doctor

Karen’s Severe Flare Story

I am 75 and diagnosed with UC in 2015 which I think was caused by months of antibiotics for infection after surgery. Current Symptoms: Bloody watery diarrhea with little stool,cramping,bloating and urgency. Awful fatigue and weakness and lightheadedness Karen’s Story: I am currently in a bad flare which has been going on for months. I am losing a lot of blood and watery stools. I… Read More »Karen’s Severe Flare Story