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Below are the complete list of stories that have been submitted by users of the website. They are mostly written by ulcerative colitis patients (UC’ers), but there are also some stories from parents, family, and friends of UC folks too. Some stories are about the initial diagnosis while others are about hard and sometimes happy times that follow after you know for sure you have UC.


Been Here Before

Meet Matt: I am a 24 year old male who was diagnosed with UC when I was 18. Two years ago I had my last colonoscopy. This showed the inflammation was definitely less and not as high in the colon. I am currently going through a flare and I believe I’m overthinking everything. I have […]

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Simponi Failing – Tofacitinib or Surgery

Meet Amit: I’m a Program Manager at large credit card company, 47, male, Chicago, Ulcerative Colitis diagnosed in 2009, married with two kids and otherwise a healthy human being. On my 6th drug for UC out of a possible 7 or 8 per my GI and potentially nearing surgery decision. Some more about Amit: I […]

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