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Colitis Stories

Below are the complete list of stories that have been submitted by users of the website. They are mostly written by ulcerative colitis patients (UC’ers), but there are also some stories from parents, family, and friends of UC folks too. Some stories are about the initial diagnosis while others are about hard and sometimes happy times that follow after you know for sure you have UC.

firefighter with ulcerative colitis

Dee Dee Sharing Some Ideas about UC

I gratefully found your website 5 years ago or so when my husband was diagnosed. Being of the stubborn type and wanting to try alternative options after his colonoscopy we went paleo for a time and there was no blood for a couple years. He never took the meds and appeared very healthy with no symptoms until a burdensome work/stress schedule came along and a… Read More »Dee Dee Sharing Some Ideas about UC

Conversations about Vaccinations

Just had 3rd Moderna Vaccine update Posted by I Have UC – Ulcerative Colitis Support Group on Tuesday, 30 November 2021 Today I wanted to post up a video which included a live stream on the page. The video is about my experience (after only about 27 hours so far) from getting my 3rd Moderna vaccination yesterday. Was a bit more interesting this time… Read More »Conversations about Vaccinations

adam having soup

Scoring the “How are you Feeling” Question

So traditionally, the fall and winter times have been the hardest times of the year for me and my ulcerative colitis. I can’t really say that I remember a flare up coming on during the summer months. But…maybe there was one that I just don’t remember since 2008(when I got the UC diagnosis). Either way, the winter time is coming really soon. Right now, I’m… Read More »Scoring the “How are you Feeling” Question

Being Ready for Next Flare Up

Absolutely not hoping to have a nasty ulcerative colitis flare anytime soon, but if it pops up it’s creepy face… this video will give some insights on my plan of attack. AdamI started site  shortly after being diagnosed in October of 2008 with severe pancolitis (when my whole colon was inflamed). For me, it was a very rough start with severe symptoms.  Getting bounced from… Read More »Being Ready for Next Flare Up