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5 Step Stuffed Mushrooms

What I really like about foods like this is that not only does it work well for my colitis, but you can change it up on the spicing as you like. Salt, pepper and whatever else sounds good for you are pretty much the only rules. Heck, you can even do some different variations by making some separate meat fillers for the same meal to change things up. It’s really up to you.

A Massive J-Pouch Success Story – Finally Interviewing Curtis

Thanks so much Curtis, it was such a wonderful treat to be able to finally meet up with you down there in your homeland.  My wife and I really enjoyed hanging out with you. AND, I wish you and your family the very best moving forward, for sure they’ve some tuff times a few years ago worrying and thinking of your health.  It’s so great… Read More »A Massive J-Pouch Success Story – Finally Interviewing Curtis

Colitis Country Bob Will Survive

What Up UC’ers,  Please welcome Colitis Country Bob to the website.  If you want to sing along, or even crank out your guitar (come, wipe the dust off it) it’ll make you feel better! ———————————————————– D C Verse: My name’s Colitis Country Bob and I’ll tell you why G D When I sit on the pot, it almost makes me cry. D C Diarrhea don’t… Read More »Colitis Country Bob Will Survive