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Adam’s Meals for Colitis

If you are wondering what some of the UC community is eating, here are some ideas of food that may work for you.

A Great Video with a Very Similar Diet to How I Eat

Hey UC’ers, I have been meaning to post this video for you to see for some time, and after sending it out to a fellow UC’er who is going through some tuff times right now, I making sure that you all check it out if you have a few spare minutes.  The diet this doctor describes is very similar to the SCD diet that I… Read More »A Great Video with a Very Similar Diet to How I Eat

Apple Cider Vinegar – Might Help You

How are You? I’ve got a little bit of news, maybe even a tip you might use as well. I’ve made a very mild addition to my colitis treatment about 3 weeks ago.  Nothing major, and it’s looking to cost me about $4 more per month, so it’s not breaking the bank for sure. I’ve started taking a tiny tiny swig of apple cider vinegar… Read More »Apple Cider Vinegar – Might Help You

The “What’s Up” with Sauerkraut and Digestion

I REALLY THINK ALOT OF YOU (whether you’ve got colitis or not) are going to dig this meal. And let’s start off by agreeing that ALL of our individual systems act differently, poop differently, smell differently…and no two of us are the same in terms of gut bacteria within our colons etc…, but I’m really hoping that food like this can help bring some rock… Read More »The “What’s Up” with Sauerkraut and Digestion

Tonight’s Dinner

— Hey UC’ers, What is up?? Ciao, Buona Sera! or Hello and Good Evening if that works better for you. It’s been almost two months since I’ve been away from home and overseas.  My wife and I have stayed in 4 countries now, and everything is going pretty darn good.  In just a few days, we will be making our way back to California for… Read More »Tonight’s Dinner