Remission Stories

Ulcerative Colitis symptoms being cured and remission being achieved.

Lialda Cured My Ulcerative Colitis

Lialda as an Ulcerative Colitis Treatment: I was diagnosed with moderate UC in late 2007. I was put on Lialda, took it for over a year…this was before they had released the (recent) study saying that it keeps folks in remission and is perfectly safe to do so. I fully believe that Lialda cured my Ulcerative Colitis because I stayed on it for over a… Read More »Lialda Cured My Ulcerative Colitis

Vitamin E Enema, It’s Working as My Colitis Treatment

My story is a bit crazy. Lets begin in October of 2009. I work for an Engineering company and was asked to travel to California for business for a 36 hour trip. I was so excited that I began to get very stressed about the whole trip since it was my first chance to prove to my boss that I was worth keeping! So, get… Read More »Vitamin E Enema, It’s Working as My Colitis Treatment

Ulcerative Colitis Bathroom Talk #1

I never thought I would be making an ulcerative colitis video from the scene of the crime, or you might call the place where I used to bleed while taking a poop. But today is a special day and I wanted to roll the camera from my bathroom toilet seat.  Also, I’ve never shot a video at this early hour in the morning before, but… Read More »Ulcerative Colitis Bathroom Talk #1

UPDATE: 2nd Ulcerative Colitis Surgery a SUCCESS

So I just had my second of three surgeries on June 1 and I am now 1 step closer to being “back to normal.” Here are the details of Curtis’s 2nd Colon surgery: My second surgery was on June 1, 2011. This surgery the doctors went in using the DaVinci Robot to construct a “J Pouch” out of my small intestine and connect my small… Read More »UPDATE: 2nd Ulcerative Colitis Surgery a SUCCESS