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My name is Kaybe from Florida :) I was finally diagnosed in February 2012 with Pancolitis after many years of an allergist diagnosis of a “sensitive stomach”

My Symptoms:

Currently working through my third flare-up…liquid poops, blood clots, pain, sickness feeling, sore joints and fatigue.

My Story:

It’s 2:04am, during a flare up, and I am back in my usual spot…the toilet but I noticed now I have a new friend that comes to join me, someone who never tells me how bad I might look, how stinky the bathroom is, how much TP I am using, and why I moved the clothes hamper close to the toilet so I might rest my head and eyes for a few minutes while I numb my legs on the toilet…this unconditional love comes from my canine companion Bella.

It all starts with waking out of dream with a sharp pain in my stomach and the constant ‘bubbling’ or movement that makes me jump up in the darkness to make a run for the bathroom. I now keep the door cracked for her to nudge her way in because I now know that my canine love wants to be in there with me, no matter what. I hadn’t realized until my boyfriend told me that for the longest time, she would jump off the bed and follow me to the bathroom when I went, but I had closed the door before she made it in…she would lay down outside of the door waiting for me to come out…sniffing (poor dog!)

At 2:06 am, she is staring at me sweetly, rubbing her face and nose against my legs as if to say “you don’t have to stay on there all night!” I rub her ears as a way to keep my mind off the pain that I can feel swirling around my colon and let out a little cry as I feel a stab of pain and pressure in which she further scoots up and puts her one paw on my knee. A little awkward I know, affection while on a toilet? But her presence and concious gestures which I feel are just for me, helps me to get out of my slump and thought-process of just sleeping on the bathroom floor because I don’t want to have to get up and out of bed over and over again.

She then rolls over, acting as a barrier between me and the ‘head-resting’ hamper and spreads out her belly (her code move for her favorite affection- rub my belly). It reminds me of how much I want to scoop her up and snuggle but I cant, because I am still on the toilet. I finish up, abandoning my plan to sleep on the bathroom floor, and make my way back to bed with Bella in tow. When I get back in bed, she snuggles her warm body on top of the covers against my stomach-which acts like a heating pad to help relieve me of some of my pain and the onset of body shakes from anxiety and tension.

As you all know, the mental anxiety of colitis can keep you awake just as much as the physical anxiety. My Bella helps me keep my mind off how I am feeling in order to relax enough and catch a couple of Zzz’s at least! I truly believe that dogs can pick up on feelings and tension around them, my Bella knows my pain and does what she can to “entertain me” through it…I am the luckiest girl in the world. Does anyone else have an animal that seems to pick up on when you are not feeling well?

Where I’d like to be in 1 year:

After this flare up- I would like to be able to sleep throughout the night!


Apriso x4 daily
Womens Vitamin

For Current Flare-Up: Prednisone :(

Near Future: Moving to Remicade

written by Kaybe

submitted in the colitis venting area

6 thoughts on “Canine Colitis Companion”

  1. Kaybe, I’m so sorry that you’re in the midst of a nasty flare, but it’s so nice that you have Bella to comfort you…that probably makes all the difference. I love that she stays with you. I’ve spent many nights, like you, on the toilet, so tired and drained (with my legs also going numb…and I’ve never heard anyone else say that before, I thought that just happened to me! I hate it!). I’m crossing my fingers that this flare passes quickly for you~

  2. I have a black & white cat, who I’ve named Mr Moo Moo (because when he meows it sounds like “Mew Mew”), who follows me into the bathroom every time I go — flare or not. He sits on the sink next to me to give me some company.

    When I had my flare last year, Mr Moo Moo started having bladder incontinence. Maybe that was his way of trying to relate. The vet couldn’t find anything wrong & said he must have been seriously stressed.

    You are so fortunate to have a pet like you do. I really hope you feel better soon, but at least you have a friend you can rely on. :)

  3. I have a dog named Jake who is the exact same way. He sleeps with me and follows me to the restroom everytime I go. He also knows when I am sick and will sit right next to me and lick my leg. I lost my fiance about 9 months ago and I couldn’t ask for a better companion, he really makes this situation just a little less sucky.

  4. :-) Kaybe,
    We are lucky to have our pups-mine is the white one In my post- Jack Russell-Katie. Ironically, she has undiagnosed colitis! My other dog Wheaton checks in and and throws me a toy…very convenient in that state!
    I feel your pain with the bathroom issues…I never had time to close the door-lucky just to make it most of the time! And she doesn’t nudge…she barges. :-) loves to snuggle and kiss and always watching and sensing.
    I hope you heal soon…with all that love on your side how could you not?!
    Good health, Shelly

  5. Hi there,
    I have a cat that hangs out in the potty with me for most episodes I go through. She also will cuddle up on my tummy when I’m sitting in the living room just relaxing. Its totally like a heating pad. Animals are such a blessing. I’m so happy you have Bella to help comfort you.

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