Can you Please Help Me?

My son Eric who is 17 was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in October 2010.

He was in the hospital for almost a month and had 3 blood transfusions finally the predizone kicked in but it took about 2 weeks before it did, the doctors tried their best to convince us that surgery was the only real option after we refused that they wanted to put him on remicade, we asked to go home for a week and think about what to do, Eric had found your website on the internet while he was in the hospital and we watched a lot of your cooking videos, tips and also looked at a lot of websites and watched a lot of food documentaries. You site was so helpful to us, it gave us hope watching you live you day to day life with UC. Eric started a very strict diet about a week before he left the hospital although the doctors told him it wouldn’t make any difference and that he could eat anything he wanted. He was much better in December and was back to his normal self. He stuck with the diet for about 3 weeks and took probiotics during that time as well. As he got back into his routine of staying with friends and going out to play basketball, to the movies etc. he stopped the diet and also the probiotics he tapered off the predizone and was fine until about 2 weeks ago. I could tell he was getting sick but he said he wasn’t about four days ago he admitted he was going to the bathroom about 4 to 6 times a day and that he was sick again. He is bleeding and doesnt have much of an appetite, he doesn’t want to go back to the doctor because he said they are only going to tell him he has to have surgery or do remicate. I found a doctor that is 3 hours away in Cummings Georgia he runs the Genesis Center and says he can help Eric and that with diet and supplements he can get him over this. He wants to try this because he said he realizes how important of a part that diet plays in all of this. I am scared because he is bleeding. I have tried to start him on the SCD diet but I don’t know if I am doing it right. The way I read it he can only have chicken broth, broiled fish and hamburger, grape juice, water, pressed apple cider, and homemade jello. Eric tried to eat some of this but he didn’t eat a lot. He wanted one of the smoothies that you make so I made him one because I’m worried about him losing weight, is there anything else he can eat during this time and did I do the wrong thing by giving him a smoothie? I would appreciate any help and advice you could give………….Thank you so much


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  1. Hey Charlene,
    Its really cool that you are looking out so much for your son. My parents are the same way, and it for sure makes him feel good.

    As for some of your questions. I think the smoothies you should stay away from until he is noticing signs that the symptoms are getting better. I start in on the smoothies after things have started to clear up and it doesn’t soudn like he is there yet. (Once bleeding and diarheea are nearly gone or gone)

    As for the diet items you listed for the introductory diet, yes, those are them. Its not much, but that’s what i ate when I started the intro to SCD back in late December early January and it helped me to get my symptoms better pretty quick, then its the fine tuning after that. But getting carried away and eating other foods that are SCD legit while you are trying to start the diet is not the best idea in my opinion.

    As for your son being worried about remicade and surgery, I can totally understand that, and I think everyone who has had surgery and who was getting ready for remicade would agree. I would suggest you to read Curtis’s most recent story if you haven’t already. He just had surgery.
    here it is:

  2. Hi,

    UC can seem pretty daunting you first encounter it. I know I was pretty worried and didn’t have a clue what to do. In hindsight I guess the best thing I did in the beginning was to try to learn more about the disease and what was going on. Once I had some understanding I found I could relax a bit and make informed decisions. I now understand that having UC is not the end of the world (other people have MUCH WORSE illnesses)and it hasn’t stopped me doing anything I have wanted to. There might be a few delays and ups and downs along the way but you can get there in the end live pretty normally.

    From what I have read on this site diet has helped alot of people (myself included). However, that said, there is nothing stopping you from using medicine at the same time to control this flare. And Remicade is not the only medicine available for treatment of UC (I have never been on it)(try another doctor). For example, when I have a flare I take some prednisone and find it really helps to knock things on the head. I take Pentasa (everyday) to help control the symptoms and it works for me. Your doctor will be able to advise you more about this. Some medications used to treat UC can be a bit rough on some individuals though, and some you only use for a short time. I look at it this way: Would I rather get real sick and have to have my bowel removed or take some medicine?

    Hang in there Eric mate. My Sister got this once. Yes mate just one flare and that was it. Just because you have been diagnosed with UC it doesn’t necessarily mean you will be sick all the time.

    Cheers and good luck,

    If you haven’t checked since October it might be an idea to talk to your doctor about whether Eric needs to have a blood test to make sure his white and red blood counts are ok. I’m not a doctor though, these are just my thoughts on UC.

  3. Eric is now in the hospital on his 4th pint of blood this week, he is horrible pain and they cant give him anything because the doctor says it will slow his colon down to much. He has lost 17 pounds in just a week and a half. For the last 5 days he has been on IV prednisone,40 mil. a day. He is still bleeding badly.He doesnt have an appetite and is very depressed. I had made him an appointment with Dr. Sloan in Cummings Georgis who runs the Genesis Center,I have talked to one of his patients that teaches with my daugter and she hasnt had a flare in 4 years, it sounds to good to be true, His appointment is Wednesday but I dont think he will be able to make it. It would be a 2 hour drive and he will probably still be in the hospital. I am trying to get Eric to start on the intro diet but he has no interest, I think he feels like the only option is surgery. He is so scared. If anyone can think of anything he can do for pain or bleeding please let me know. Thanks so much for having this sight up

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