Can You Beat This History

My Background with Ulcerative Colitis:

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in the mid-1970’s—my youngest child was in the 3rd grade (she is now 43).
Until last month, I had been truly symptom-free for over 20 years. Can anyone beat that record?

My Story:

In the old days, (and there was no being put to sleep for the examinations/colonoscopies then) my gastroenterologist hospitalized me for “rest” and diet during flare-ups, along with some rectal cortisone treatments. I was always told I needed to be protected from mental distress–good luck with that!
I was begun on Prednisone as soon as it was invented–a miracle! ( I had a “moonface” for 15 years.) I stayed on that until Asacol came on the market, big improvement, which I continue. Remission has lasted until just a few weeks ago. No symptoms were apparent and I reee–ly didn’t want to have the regular 3-yr. colonoscopy. But I’m glad my doctor insisted, because problems were discovered, with a treatment to follow. NOW I’m remembering a few recent episodes which in hindsight (oh, yes) I recognize as being the beginning of a flare-up–which is now in full bloom and being treated with mesalamine and hydrocortisone, rectally. When I go back to the doc in a couple of weeks, there may be some added prescriptions???
And that is why I went on line to discover your website and the opportunity to hear new stories and share mine. Which I think is a hopeful one–I will celebrate my 80th birthday in May.

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7 thoughts on “Can You Beat This History”

  1. Just curious: What were the symptoms in the recent episodes that you think in hindsight were the beginning of the most recent flare up?

    I also was going along fine until the last flare and I wonder what one can look out for before being in a full fledged flare.

    It’s great that you were in remission for so long. I hope you can beat this again.

  2. Amazing story !
    20 years without any symptoms is something we all aspire to –

    It really is a bewitching condition – Did you find you had any new-found stress in your life –
    although at 80 i’d presume it’d take a bit 2 stress ya out !

  3. I was diagnosed in 1983 with colitis and between then and 2003 my flare ups were up and down with (by the grace of God) only one major hospital confined flare up. In 2003 I was told that my colon had completely flipped and if it flipped again it could kill me. I was also told at that time had I not gone to the ER I would have died then. After 3 days in the hospital I had 3-4 minor episodes and since mid 2005 I have been episode free. I take no meds, but I did move out of town so that I could be drama free with very very minimal stress. I pretty much gave up all spicy food and I don’t fool with hot sauce at all. I minimize my dairy intake and I pray pray and I pray. I certainly hope my remission stay will be as lengthily if not longer than yours. Praying for you to succeed and overcome this once again.

  4. I was diagnosed with UC just after my eldest was born in 2001. It was controlled with salazopyrin and I received a remission fairly quickly. It flared again after my next child was born in 2003 but this time salazopyrin was not as effective. I utilised enema’s and they worked quickly. I have been in remission no – around 8 years. I’m wondering whether I still need to have my colonoscopies given I’m in remission or should I only have them if I have symptoms? I have only had one since my second flare up. I’ve been lax but I am genuinely curious as to whether I need them or not. I’m hoping I’ll go the rest of my life without a flare up – perhaps I’m dreaming?? I am 42 now.

  5. I have 1 flare up every 10 yrs or so. No meds. I take a good dose of pure moringa olifera each day called Zija. I do yoga for stress relief.

    I was hospitalized for 30 days in 1985 and was having 20+ horrible bloosy bm’s per day then.

    Hang in there everyone! There is hope.

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