C Diff and Ulcerative Colitis, Another Uphill Battle


Just found out I most likely have C Diff on top of UC. Anyone ever beat C Diff successfully after being on Prednisone for months? Doc says I’m probably gonna lose my colon.

The Rest of the Colitis Story:

I just found out that I have a C Diff infection on top of my UC thanks to my crappy ex doctor feeding me high doses of Prednisone for so long. My new doctor said that people in my situation almost always end up having their colon removed because it is really hard to get rid of C Diff after you’ve been on Prednisone so long. So I got my stupid ex doctor to thank for that. He should’ve known their was a reason I wasn’t responding to steroids after 3 months. I have to start a 21 day cycle of Flagyl once I get confirmation on the stool samples for C Diff. Just a word to the wise, my new doc told me that C Diff is hard to get a positive test when you’ve been on Prednisone because it will mask it. So if your on Prednisone and not responding well to it, it’s probably due to something else going on like C Diff. She is making me take 3 different stool samples to be tested because she’s pretty sure I have C Diff after doing a flex scope last Friday.

So here are some questions to those of you who have had C Diff or I guess any other infection.

1). I hear its almost impossible to get rid of after being on prednisone because prednisone lowers your immune system. Anyone reading this ever beat the C Diff?

2). What can I expect to feel like taking the antibiotic Flagyl? I heard it makes symptoms worse and I will feel nauseous.

3). I’ve also heard C Diff stays on everything, even washed underwear and the reason its so hard to get rid of is because people keep reinfecting themselves. Anyone with any advice about how to not reinfect themselves. For example, I will be bleaching my underwear and towels.

4). I’m tapering off prednisone right now and I will start taking Flagyl probably tomorrow, not a good combo. Anyone with experience?

5). Anyone ever heard of the poop transplant or even tried this? I’ve heard its pretty successful and my doc said I may need to do that.

I think that’s all I got right now. Thanks for reading, wish me luck.
Colitis Medications:

Tapering off prednisone from 40mg, currently taking 15mg
Asacol, 3 pills 3 times a day
Florastor probiotics 3 pills a day
AMP Floracel, 9 pills a day
Hydrocortisone enemas nightly



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7 thoughts on “C Diff and Ulcerative Colitis, Another Uphill Battle”

  1. Hey Blake,

    1) I was on prednisone for 3 months straight(high dose of 60mg/day at some points) and I came down with C-diff while I was taking prednisone. I took vancomycin the first time as an antibiotic, it wiped it out, but the C-diff came back. The next time I was prescribed Flagyl and it wiped it out for good.

    2) I had no side effects from the flagyl

    3) I don’t know about this questions
    4) I didn’t do anything special with regards to the prednisone, my doctor didn’t mention it being a problem at all as far as I can remember. This is the first I’ve heard of the two things being an issue. (Not to say the are not a great combo…I just never heard it being an issue before)

    5) I’ve heard of it, I think its been done to help with C-diff for quite some time now. Never done it myself, but I remember looking into it when I was researching the c-diff when I had it.

    I think you’re going to be alright Blake. I know how bad it sucks getting c-diff when you’re also dealing with UC symptoms, it was almost 3 years ago to the day that my doc called to say I had c-diff as well. But I most certainly got over all of it. Even though I was severe with my UC at the time, i got past it.

    YOU’RE gonna too!

    good luck buddy,

  2. Thanks Adam! Yeah, I was going through the website last night and I saw a couple posts where you talked about having C Diff. I’m glad you managed to beat it relatively easily. The way my doctor made it sound was as if I have no chance, maybe that’s just her way of getting me ready for worst case scenario. Good to hear you were in the same situation and got through it, definately makes me feel better about it. It’s funny, I think I’m going through everything you went through 3 years ago because all of my experiences with UC, you have been there already. Thanks for being my UC role model, haha.


  3. I asked my husband, who is a paramedic, about question 3 and he says that C-diff is really easy to pass from person to person but if you’re washing your towels and clothes is hot water and especially if you’re bleaching them, you are killing the c-diff bacteria.
    I have uc and have had c-diff but it pre uc diagnosis. I have, however, taken flagyl with uc and I was alright, no crazy side effects.
    Best of luck Blake!

  4. This is in response to how to get rid of cdiff. Hi my names is shannon. My story is called its a lonely disease. Well i to have had a flare along with cdiff. An yes its very hard to get rid of. It took 2times in the hospital an i had to take rounds of vaicomyicin not sure how to spell. An i had a few poop test come back that it was gone an come to find out it wasnt. Its almost worse than having a flare. An yes it does spread easy. So lots of lysol an clorox an wipes to sanitize everything. Wash hands an clothes separate an run bleach thru washing machine before we wash familys clothes. I was put in quaratene while in the hospital that was the best part i had no roomates. Hehe. But i did after 3 months kick it. I had to take probiotic live culture pills . To build up my good bacteria. I remember having nausea constanly. I had trouble eating cause i would be so hungry an gorge an then puke. How i got this was my dr had me on flagyl to long an it did me in. I suggest that when you finally get to eat you go very easy on your stomach an bowels. I had a scope test done while having cdiff an i saw the inside of my colon. It looked like white pimples all over ready to explode. Yuck. So the med i took just to note was vancomyician. An lactobacilas live cultures. An soft foods. Hope you kick it. Gd luck to you. Shannon

  5. Well, I guess I jumped the gun on the C Diff scare cause 2 of my stool samples just came cack negative, so the doctor says that’s good enough for her to rule out C Diff and she wants me to start Remicade tomorrow. I’m still a little scared that I actually might have C Diff just because she was 80% sure I had it when she looked at my colon. So I am very happy right now and eager to see how well Remicade will work for me. Hopefully this will put this flare into remission for a long time and I can get back to living. Thanks for your responses everyone. I feel a little silly cause I already bought a bunch of bleach, new underwear, plastic gloves and already got a round of Flagyl, but oh well. Thanks everyone, ill let ya know my Remicade experience soon.


  6. Hey Paul from realivemovement, woke up about a week ago around midnight with my usual D . but I felt like i had the flu ,was up the rest of the night puking and the diarea got worse,thought it was just the flu on top of my UC symptoms ,during the morning my wife followed me to the bathroom because i almost fell when i got out of bed, she said ” do you need my help” and i said no ,& shut the door.just then she heard me fall . I just remember waking up, and her crying saying that the ambulance was on it’s way. I collapsed hit my head against the wall and went into convultions.I was severly dehydrated, & my blood preasure was dangerously low. Doc said you C Diff . They lowered my Prednisone script and put me on oral .vancomycin i was on it for 2 days and I broke out in hives all over, and my throat started to swell up, trip to the ER . Talked to another Doc that I don’t no prescibes me flagyl,when i take flagyl,I tell him it’s like swollowing barbed wire ,so he prescribed me Dificid.3,500.00 for 20 pills. what a freak’n joke. I start the Dificid tomorrow ,I feel so sick of taking meds to feel better. You are not alone Blake, Good Luck

  7. Damn Paul, so sorry to hear you’re going through this. Fortunately I found out today I don’t have C Diff, but the doctor scared me into thinking I had it before we got the test results back. I still feel like shit, go into preriods where I think I’m getting better.just to be upset again and back to bloody crap all day and night. I have gotten a lot more lax on my diet after seeing my doctor and she advised me to stop SCD. I don’t think that was a good idea and I wonder why doctors always try to dissprove any non drug treatment as hocus pocus. I don’t think Ill go back to eating strictly SCD, but glad I learned about it and will just modify it to better suit me. I hope you’re able to get rid of the C Diff buddy.


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