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Diagnosed in ’07.  I am currently 33 years old and I live with my lovely wife, two beautiful daughters, and a son to be born in July. In addition to spending time with my family, I enjoy working out and playing basketball.

Current Colitis Symptoms:

I am currently going 2-3 times a day with mucus in the stool. There has been increased urgency and fatigue. Although these symptoms are pretty minimal I would like to squash this thing before it gains any momentum.

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2007.

My first experience with UC was blood in the stool. After being diagnosed after my first colonoscopy, my doctor prescribed Lialda (Mesalamine) and it went into remission. Easy peasy….piece of cake!

Then it came back…after about 10-12 months and it came back a little stronger. In addition to blood on the toilet paper, there was mucus and diarrhea. I went back to the doctor and he settled things down with steroids (prednisone) and mesalamine suppositories. Remission for about 10-12 months.

Then it came back…a lot stronger. I was all out of moderate options at this point. My next step was Imuran (immune suppressant). Fortunately it did work…for a little while.

Then it came back….in the most viscous way. I was experiencing extreme urgency with an average of 15-25 bloody mucus movements a day, nausea, and fatigue. Not to mention the mental fatigue that comes with this lovely disease. It was pure hell. During this time I was being medicated with Imodium, Mesalimine, Imuran, Canasa Suppositories, and Remicade Infusions. All of this medication did nothing to help me recover. Finally on March of last year, the day before my daughter’s second birthday, I was admitted into the hospital. I was in the hospital for 6 nights/7 days and was put on IV steroids and antibiotics (flagyl). My doctor gave me a 50/50 chance of recovering and avoiding surgery because my colon was “completely shredded”. Fortunately, things settled down and I was able to avoid surgery.

When I got out of the hospital, while I was weening off of steroids, I started the SCD diet. I cannot say enough about Jordan and Steve at SCDLifestyle. They do an excellent job in their book of walking you through how to start the diet and how to properly advance into the different stages. I am a huge believer in this diet and I have never felt better than I have over the last 11 months.

However, over the last week and a half I have felt a chink in the SCD armor. After a year of near perfect intestinal health, I am now starting to have 2-3 movements a day with mucus. Some of these are coming with urgency. I have followed the diet religiously and have not introduced anything new. Furthermore, I have cut down on the grape juice, peanut butter, and coffee in hopes that things will get better.

My question goes out to anybody who has experienced a flare while having success on the SCD. Just curious what others have done and am open to any suggestions.

More veggies less fruit? Go back to the intro diet? Call my doctor for steroids?

I would just like to know if anybody has experienced a bump in the road like this and what they have done to overcome it.

Colitis Medications:

Lialda (mesalamine) worked well early on. Imuran worked for about a year. Remicade Infusions worked for about a day. At this point, the SCD has worked the best.

written by Jason

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  1. I am having the exact same problem! Just started having mucous and blood again and have been doing SCD for 2 years and have felt great. I just stopped drinking coffee and am going to cut back on the nut flours and honey. I did notice that I am using a ton of honey lately. I have started back on using Rowasa enemas every night again. Let me know if anything work for you too.

  2. Hi Jason,
    I can really relate to you. I am also 33, but was diagnosed only about a 1 1/2 years ago. Although by the time they diagnosed me I was going to the bathroom 15 to 20 times a day with mostly blood and mucus. I have been on Colozal ever since with intermittent use of enemas or Canasa. I also started the SCD about 7 to 8 months ago (very strictly). I have only been able to stop the blood with the enemas or Canasa and currently go between 1 to 4x a day. My BMs are not ideal, but better than the alternative. Any way, I would love to get off the meds and treat only the flares. But even with the meds and this diet, it seems I still experience what I call “mini flares”. Usually what helps me get back to a more appropriate BM with no blood and mucus is the enemas or Canasa along with eating really simply. That means cutting back big time on too much fiber, including the husks on almonds etc. I eat salmon with asparagus, eggs with avocado, chicken soup or pot roast with well cooked veggies. I do notice with in a week or so thing do tend to calm… I feel like I am looking for the same answers as you though, so thank you for asking! It has inspired me to ask more too.

  3. Heidi,

    I cut back on fruit, stopped drinking coffee, and stopped eating peanut butter. However, that was not enough and in fact my conditions worsened to more urgent and frequent BM’s, blood, and abdominal pain.

    Because of this I went back and started the intro diet again (intro diet form Jordan and Steve on SCDlifestyle ).

    Very strict: chicken soup, cooked and pureed carrots, and grape gelatin made from Welch’s 100% grape juice.

    This is literally all I have eaten since Sunday. Today (Wednesday) will be my fourth day on the intro diet reboot and I have started to feel a whole lot better already. Obviously with this disease you never want to count your chickens before they hatch, but I have only gone twice today (both early in the morning) and have not felt any urgency or abdominal pain. I feel a zillion times better than I did yesterday and feel as if I am on the road to recovery.

    If things still have not gotten better for you I would try going back to the intro diet. It is not easy to do for 3-4 days but it is definitely worth it if it works for you.

    Good luck.



    1. That is sooo not what I wanted to hear. Haha! I was thinking that might be necessary. I’m re-reading BTVC for the millionth time. Looks like I better get the old crock pot back out. Groan. I just want to feel better and I’m terrified of going into a full blown flare. Ok, you’ve motivated me. I’m gonna do the intro again. Keep me posted please.

  4. Caprice,

    Your situation does sound very similar to what I have been through.

    Furthermore, it looks like you have improved your situation with the diet. That is awesome and takes a lot of guts…so good for you! It took me ending up in the hospital before I ever got serious about starting the SCD.

    It looks like you do follow the SCD very strictly. However, I am not sure how you started the diet but what I have read (and have experienced) is that how you start the diet is of the utmost importance. Supposedly during the intro diet all of the bad bacteria die off which allows good bacteria to take hold.

    I don’t mean to sound like the president of the Jordan and Steve fan-club, but they do an excellent job of getting people started and then helping them advance onto the different phases of the diet on SCDlifestyle. I believe you can get the intro diet for free.

    Please disregard if you have already visited their site or have read their book. I just know that this website and their book really helped me when I got out of the hospital last year…and now during this minor flare.

    However, if you have not visited their site…I would check it out. As I have stated above in my reply to Heidi, I am feeling a lot better after rebooting and starting the intro diet again. I feel like I am recovering…and just hope it lasts.

    Good luck.



  5. I would recommend to go ahead and talk to your doctor about surgery. ThaT’s whaT I’m going To do Tomorrow I’m jusT Tired of fighTing. :-\

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