Boyfriend Has Colitis

My boyfriend has ulcerative colitis and we have been on the journey of ups and downs for a year now, on different tablets, enemas and patience.
We are getting married soon and we are dealing with it well as a team but it stops him planning to do anything, like days out, nights out etc.  As he always has to think of if he needs the toilet or if there is toilets around.  But it comes on very strong suddenly!
He also has diabetes so he has an extra thing to think about. He has tried cutting all dairy out of his diet but this did not work, he has tried a couple of old wives tales too.

Is there any advice of things to try? as the next option for him is a bag but he loves sports, and plays various sports several times a week and is a sports coach professionally!

Any advice of things to try to stop his uc being so aggressive?
Submitted by an anonymous girlfriend of an ulcerative colitis person.

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  1. I attended a symposium hosted by the CCFC this past Spring. On the discussion of the bag and the pouch, a woman in the front row raised her hand and testified that she had done the operation and lived with a bag. Years ago. She goes kayaking, mount climbing – basically, she likes extreme sports. The bag does not get in her way.

    My special someone also has ulcerative colitis, which is why I attended the CCFC symposium and why I’m interested in IBD and UC. If you’re interested to read more about my experiences with him, you can visit . Hope you learn something there, too!

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