Born to Bleed – From Nicotine to Prednisone


These computers remind us when to take our pills, and can lead us through an endless search. First go from your gut, the one inside that hurts.
When we stress ourselves with work, whether physical or stress of the mind. We can push to hard, Then we pay from behind.

My Ulcerative Colitis Experience:

As the word disease (DIS-EASE) echos through my head. It certainly makes one question, strength & control in the path ahead. Scars of cigarette burns on my arm remind me of the past, growing up how tough I thought I was,

” I will always last”…..

Inside I turn to look behind. No worries then, ”Oh well nevermind”.  Just a risk that some take during their youth. Hmmm, If I only knew I would be sitting on this toilet, cramped with a bloody stool. Search n’ Stress the world is wide.  What are these pains that lurk inside?  But my Doctor said it is Ulcerative Colitis.  I was born with it in my life. Hmmm Search n’ Stress ,Cramp & Bleed, are these the answers that I need ,was I truley born to bleed. Everyone is different, But maybe nicotine has prolonged my life though.  After all it is a drug it has control. Oh it’s hard to say & so heavy to think. I play & write music in the band Realivemovement, H mmm, movement that is irony that stinks ! Like my heros before me with cigarette & guitar pick between their fingers so bold. Now I sit with an ipod ,a search engine I hold.  Unsure answers from each corner of the world and back, Search n’ Stress HANG ON to the bowl for another ATTACK! may be all this search n’ stress just makes me bleed;)
Do not worry of the past ,do not search n’ stress. Focus on life today,though somtimes it is hard to see everything is a miracle constantly unfolding in front of you & me. So many different things we put in our bodys our minds, from diets to research that flares us inside. I think we are all so different ,as individual as each ones disease,we must truely keep in good spirits & experiment the right diet or drug we each need.

Submitted by Paul (aka “Realivemovement”) In the Colitis Venting Area


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