Bloody Colitis Craps Stopped for the Half Marathon

Let’s All Take A Colitis Recap Moment:

What a year 2010 has been.  I hope everyone who is dealing with ulcerative colitis is getting ready for 2011. My gut feeling right now is that its going to be a breakthrough year for all kinds of colitis people all over the world. There are quite a few people I am personally rooting for who follow this website, and if you can just hang in there through some of your tough days, things are going to workout for the best real soon. We all get a clean slate in just a few more days.

If you are new to the website, thank you for joining us on our collective effort to fight through ulcerative colitis together. Thank you to everyone who has shared your personal colitis stories in the Colitis Venting Area.  You all are the true and only reason this site is as cool as it is.  I can’t thank you all enough for adding your ideas to the website regarding your disease, all of your thoughts on how to treat and deal with personal struggles, and every other idea colitis related you all added.  It is truly amazing how far we have come with moving forward and past UC.

My Personal Update and Plan for 2011:

The last time I posted, a few weeks ago, I had worked myself into a moderate colitis flare.  I was getting close to calling my gastro doctor for the first time this year.  Since I am medication free and treat my UC with diet alone, I went back to basics.  I re-winded and started over with the introductory SCD diet that the guys recommend at Specific Carbohydrate  Diet Lifestyle.  You can do the same thing too if you want.  Symptoms(blood and diarrhea) started going away, and within a few weeks, I was feeling good again, and mentally, my mind was back at ease(family’s too…)

The flare came along and interrupted my running training for the Las Vegas Half Marathon that happened on December 5th.  When it came time to fly out to Vegas, my plan was now just to walk the whole thing.  As fate would have it, the excitement at 6:00am at Mandalay Bay before the 7am race with 35,000 others forced me to try and run as much as I could.  That ended up being just over 7 miles.  Sore my feet were/are still…. But it was well worth it.  Met quite a few other colitis people, and Crohn’s people too.  Most importantly, I realized that my body can still rise to the occasion, just not nearly as quickly & energetically as it used to be able to do back in high school…  It’s a great feeling coming back from the “You Have Severe Ulcerative Colitis Adam” time just a few years ago, and one day running past the finish line of a 13.1 mile half marathon on the Las Vegas BLVD.(I ran the final quarter mile after walking since mile 7)  I hope everyone who reads this site can feel that type of feeling in 2011.

New Year’s Resolution(Hold Me To It Everyone!):

I figure if I put out in the open my New Year’s Resolution, you will all be able to keep me honest.  Since I have had pretty good success with treating my colitis with the SCD Diet, and it has kept me off medications all of 2010 and out of my GI’s office, I want to get even better at it in 2011.  My plan is to become known as Yogurt Man.  I want my family and friends to call me Yogurt Man.  Anyone here can call me that.  My boss can even call me that.  That’s my goal.  Since I have not had a bite of yogurt, and since its a major part of the SCD diet plan, I am hoping that this change will boost me to the next level.  I want to gain 10 pounds of muscle by 2012.  I want to get in great shape to go on a 2000 plus mile bike tour again with my wife.  And I want to start making my own damn homemade yogurt.  So, that’s what I intend to do!  You are welcome to join me.  I’m hoping to crank out some awesome yogurt making videos, hopefully see some others from this site getting excited for yogurt too, who knows what.  I plan on throwing in some nice blueberrious berries, some strawbert berries, and some nanas in it.  Maybe even dropping some bee poop called honey in there too. If you can believe it, before yogurt was ever heard of in the United States, a neighbor of my grandpa back in New York years ago was looking for one person to invest in his yogurt business.  He was looking for $3,500 which would get the investor half the company.  My grandpa passed on the offer, he didn’t really care for yogurt I guess.  That neighbor ended up moving forward and created a tiny yogurt company called Dannon Yogurt which makes a crapload of yogurt as some of you might know.  Had things gone the other way, I’m sure there would be some pretty cool yogurt recipes I could have already shared with you.  We’ll still be able to do that.

Because with the SCD diet you can’t eat the store made yogurts due to an ingredient conflict, I am buying a Yogourmet Multi Electric Yogurt Maker with CBA Starter. I have some pretty high hopes for the yogurt that is going to be coming out of this machine, and I think it has a good chance of getting me where I want to be during 2011.  First things first, have a great rest of 2010 everyone, especially if you have ulcerative colitis!

10 thoughts on “Bloody Colitis Craps Stopped for the Half Marathon”

  1. Adam! I’m happy to report im outta my flare as well! I did it the same way you did, back to basics on SCD for a couple weeks and im back to normal! SCD really does work!!
    All the best this holiday season!!
    Take Care!

  2. that’s really awesome about doing the yogurt Adam! it has a made quite a difference with my son’s UC. just think about all that good bacteria going in your belly to replace all the bad. keep up posted!

  3. Adam! If you can run for 7 miles I wonder if I could someday too. I used to run, but don’t even consider it now. But I am very impressed. I haven’t looked for a UC website in years because the ones the drug companies run have never been helpful. “Just cut the stress in your life and drink lots of water.” Thanks.) This site is impressive. Thanks for allowing the world to know your story. Maybe we can all help each other. I’m living with UC, but I’m not DEAD. There’s still good living to be had!


    1. Hey Jamiee,
      thx so much. I just read your humira/remicade comments too. Heck yeah you can run if you want to. I wish you and your family all the best thus holiday season. Keep in touch, sounds like you are a role model uc person with a positive attitude about it all!! Super duper

  4. I hope the yogurt takes you to the next level. I’ve been on the diet for 4 weeks, and the yogurt smoothies have definitely helped tremendously with the symptoms. I still have cramping, but I called in an improvement from the days of bloody, mucus saturated stools. Keep up the great work!

  5. Hey Adam, you sound enthusiastic… I miss eating smoothies with yogurt!! Please enlighten us more, I’d love to do a marathon for the cause. Its been 5 months since I’ve actually been diagnosed and the meds are too damn expensive so I cut all dairy and try to avoid sugar, I drink at least 3 cups of PEPPERMINT TEA a day!

    Funny true story: So my three year old and I were in an elevator on our way to my apartment with of course two other people…luckily my flare up was blamed on her! need I explain more? I did manage to fully potty train her even with suffering from this illness.

    Working out helps build confidence and just general goodness, I will be looking to run one.

    1. hey there Theresa!
      What’s up!!!

      Good to hear from you.
      Well, funny enough that you commented on this posting. It was actually a year ago that I did some running in the half marathon down in Las Vegas, and just last week I was there again for the same thing. but…I sprained my ankle last two monday’s ago so I didn’t run this one. NEXT YEAR. look it up if you’re in the US. “Las Vegas Half Marathon benefitting the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America”.

      Anyways, as for smoothies, I love them, and I eat them usually once a day, sometimes I make 2. as for yogurt, I actuallly have pretty much stopped making the homemade yogurt for the past several months. Instead, I put in frozen strawberry, frozen blueberry, peanut butter(no sugar added peanut butter) orange juice(real orange juice not the “from cencentrate stuff”) and I also put in a ripe banana with some honey. Then I blend it all up. It’s super yummy, and I absolutely love them.

      I like the peppermint tea idea! sounds tasty too. My wife and i buy fresh mint leaves from the grocery store and just add them to boiling water sometimes, is that also considered “peppermint”. anyways, good to hear from you! and congrats on potty training your daughter! that’s great.


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