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Blood Pressure Medications and UC


Hi I am the wife of a 59 year old recently diagnosed UC sufferer. This person had no symptoms prior to having BP medications changed to a Generic Drug. However, he had developed an itcy shin rash under the skin on his face and GP was trying to cure with antibiotics, for approx 2 months. He had also used Difene anti-inflammatory meds six months earlier.

Blood Pressure Medications and UC

Hi I am the wife of an UC sufferer. This person UC began 9 months ago and apart from one month’s remission, while on reducing dose of steroids, to date there is no relief. If a UC sufferer is taking Blood Pressure Medications and Nuseals Aspirin, are all these tablets just passed through, and useless during a flare up? Can I assume its the same with supplements and nutrition from food.

Is there any way that a change in BP medication from a Brand Name to a Generic Drug could cause severe UC. Symptoms started 2 – 3 days after change in Medication, at age 59 years no previous symptoms or family history. Doctor says its just a co-incidence, and it has nothing to do with change of medication or what he does or does not eat. However, he is quite fond of sweets and chocolate, biscuits etc., and has been eating 8 slices of white bread per day( sandwiches for lunch),before and since diagnosis. Would this hinder the medication, now on steroids 4 per day and prednisolone suppositories for working effectively. He is just getting his head around the diagnosis, and depending of medication to cure same.

I have read the comments from other UC sufferers, it looks like what we thought was healthy food, fibre, vegetables, and especially fruit is totally unsuitable for UC.

At the present moment I am finding the whole issue quite confusing and unsure what can safely be given to my husband for the best.

I have downloaded Adams Ulcerative Colitis Cook Book and Feeling Happy to Feeling Crappy, am going to study same this weekend to gain some insight into the whole disease. Any help would be greatfully appreciated. Thank and good health to you all.

written by “Worried Spouse”

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  1. Hi Worried Spouse,

    We may never know for sure, but I think it is very possible that the 2 month course of antibiotics may very well have been the trigger to your husband’s onset of UC. There unfortunately have been far too many people over the years who have absolutely no family history of UC and who have not had any previous symptoms who have also become sick with UC symptoms almost immediately following a recent round of antibiotics.

    At the same time, I can not remember a single story yet on the site where someone has reported UC symptoms directly after a change in BP medications.

    With regards to diet, you’ll see in the cookbook I wrote that I no longer eat most of the sweets that I used to. The reason being is that the sugars and sometimes diary products that are inside of almost all of the things I used to love are not something my body can tolerate and would probably lead to symptoms coming back.

    Also, as for the white bread, and breads in general, don’t eat that stuff at all either. It’s been several years no of no breads, and life most definitely goes on without bread. So if he can give it a try and kick the bread habit, there is most certainly a big chance that he has a similar digestion program on his insides as me, and without the bread along with the other changes, things can once again get under control.

    I wish you two the very best, and thank you very much for downloading the ebooks I’ve written and for sharing your story on the site.


  2. Hi,
    Just wanted to say how brilliant it is you’ve found this site to help you support your husband… My husband reads this site too try and support me and I can tell you how amazing that is! Hats off
    Like Adam I kicked bread and all gluten, no caffeine and reduced sugars to minimals… Diet hasn’t had a huge effect on my symptoms but I can tell you I was admitted directly after an espresso and gluten means blood for me and vomiting bizarrely but I’m not coeliac and had no problem before this flare and dx.
    My sister is in biomeds and there can be all sorts of problems with going from brand to generic for lots of diff things so nothing’s impossible I guess. Hope he’s much better soon and you can relax

  3. Hi,

    Like Adam said above…antibiotics are the culprit a lot of times. It’s sad, really, that people are generally unaware of this, but it is true. In some people, antibiotics can definitely trigger UC. They did in me, as well.

    As for diet…yes, it seems bizarre that so many of the foods we know are good for us, can be not so good for UC! Some UC sufferers cannot tolerate things like fresh fruit and vegetables, and whole wheats and fibers. That is only because the colon has become ulcerated and these GOOD foods now irritate the ulcers.

    I have healed my colon (I have had UC for more than 15 years, and was on meds for the first 14) with a GOOD probiotic (50 billion strong) and fermented powdered L-glutamine. I am not joking. I will never take meds for UC again, because they all seem to eventually stop working, and then the doctors bump you up to more powerful and dangerous meds, one by one, until the end result can be colon removal. If you can actually HEAL the colon, and not just put a Band-Aid on the symptoms (like the meds do), then you don’t have to go through all of that. 14 straight years of meds for mw, and all they did was make me feel even sicker.

    You do have to take probiotics and the L-glutamine on an empty stomach, and then try not to eat for at least a half an hour afterwards. I take the probiotic as soon as I get up, with waytter, and then don’t eat for at least half an hour. I take the L-glutamine about an hour before I eat lunch, mixed in a couple teaspoons of juice, for taste. You can mix it with water, though, as well. It doesn’t taste that bad.

    Cheers, and welcome to the site. It is a fantastic web site started by Ada, up above, and it has saved many of us!!


  4. Bev, you should just tell Adam to give you your own tab so people can click on the “Bev method” and you don’t have to re-type and answer the same questions all the time :)

    Worried Spouse, I noticed your hubby also still takes aspirin. I would definitely talk to the doctor about that since aspirin is a huge no-no for those of us with UC. I agree with Adam that the antibiotics are probably the culprit instead of the new formula but you will likely never know. As for the diet, it can be really confusing to me as well and I have been doing this for 23 years. I will say that when I am in remission I can eat anything I want to. Food has never put me into a flare. When I am flaring though, I am extremely picky about what I eat. Other than Adam’s book, you may also want to read “What to Eat with IBD” which changed my eating dramatically. I used to eat only white bread, fish, eggs while flaring but became very malnourished at a time when my body could have really used extra stuff. I learned that how you cook veggies can make all the difference. I roast root veggies (peeled) with EVOO until they are very soft. I make pumpkin pancakes and have butternut squash soup (minus the cream). I make smoothies using almond milk and try to make everything I eat “worthy” of the effort to digest it.

    Flare ups are scary but they are also temporary. Best of luck getting into remission quickly.

  5. I would definitely have the doctor test your husband for c.Diff Infection. It presents with identical
    symptoms of UC and is caused by antibiotics. I have UC and contracted c.Diff after a course of antibiotics. I was on and off Vancomycin for 5 years and had two fecal transplants. Nothing worked until I was prescribed a four week course of an antibiotic called Difficid. I’ve been free of the infection for well over a year now.

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