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Blake the New J-Poucher Just Kicked off the Pull Up Challenge


I think it’s very fair to say I had NO IDEA what I was stepping into earlier this week, but Blake (who’s written several stories both before and after getting surgery) sure ain’t joking around.  If anybody here is down to get in on this physical challenge iHaveUC Style, jump on the train.

Ain’t going to be easy to win it, and for sure there’s gonna be some serious competition, but come on folks, there’s got to be some in the closet hardcore Pull-Uper out there who can give our boy Blake the beat down on the Pull-Up bar right.

Check out and watch the video from Blake, he’s the real friggin deal, J-Pouch and all, and I’m gonna need some serious Popeye Spinach for this one.  Blake lays the rules down pretty well on the actual challenge, and if you want in, for now, probably best to start practicing. Men, women, UC’ers from all over, come on!

(Blake, you are the man!, great video, and super great chatting the other night, take care amigo)


9 thoughts on “Blake the New J-Poucher Just Kicked off the Pull Up Challenge”

  1. Jumping jellyfish! I thought this sounded familiar. This came off my story comments. You are serious about a pull up challenge! I’m so tickled right now! Adam, you really stuck your foot in it this time. Blake seems pretty darn sincere. There must be footage of said challenge. Good luck to all who enter.

  2. Nice video Blake…Adam good luck-spinach, family packs?? I’m thinking CASES of t.p. now! :-)
    Looking forward to some great video!
    Good luck all!

  3. Wow! We got 5 participants already. Way to step up guys! We need atleast one girl right? I say if a girl enters, every 1 girl pull up should count for 2 guy pull ups. Fair? Now who’s stepping up for the women?

    1. Hey my name is tad we chated a couple weeks ago I am going in today for my first surgery . My only problem is they are not sure if I have crohns also so my first surgery the Dr is going to make a decision when he goes in and looks weather or not to make a pouch or not. That is a little nerve racking weather or not when I wake up if I have crohns and no pouch or just uc and a pouch, but either way my life will be a lot better than it is now and reading all about you and your progress and alot of other people on this site is defiantly helping me get through this Ty and I will keep everyone posted

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