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Being Ready for Next Flare Up

Absolutely not hoping to have a nasty ulcerative colitis flare anytime soon, but if it pops up it’s creepy face… this video will give some insights on my plan of attack.

10 thoughts on “Being Ready for Next Flare Up”

    1. Hi Jill, Thx for the message. Well, it was somewhat of a lucky thing landing on the budesonide back in Valencia, Spain. I heard about it several years before, even posted stories on UCeris before it was released onto the market…but just chalked it up as another steroid..corticosteroid… Luckily my GI doctor persuaded me that it was better (less side effects than prednisone)…and the rest is history for me… Of course all people willl vary in how it goes for them, but yes, I was quite happy to have tried it and had it work well..

    1. Yo what up Bev, hey, thank you for sticking around here. Way way cool of you and I hope the BC life be going well. Colder than snat up in the CZ world at 50 degrees north..:)))

      1. Cheers my friend…I couldn’t stop checking in here if I tried! It’s too great a space.

        And thank YOU for all you have done and all you still do here.

        Stay healthy and safe Adam <3

  1. VictoriaM

    I used budesonide for a major flare just recently after watching your videos from Spain on how you were able to get into remission. I asked my specialist to dose me just like your GI had suggested for you.
    The drug is unfunded here so it costs me $300 for a packet of 30 tablets and I needed two packets to get into remission.
    Totally agree with you that I had no side effects and to me this is a wonder drug.
    My specialist says she is happy for me to use budesonide ( cortiment) to treat flares as long as it is only once per year. She still thinks the drug is as bad as prednisone but I disagree. She wants me to try teoguanine which is an immunomodulator. I have survived 18 years with the disease without having to go on anything stronger than pentasa and steroids – initially pred and now cortiment but she thinks my quality of life will be better.
    I am so happy and healthy when I’m in remission but flare ups stop me working so I’m very torn about what to do. I feel like I want to continue to treat any flare ups with cortiment and stay away from the next level drugs. Thanks for your story because I would not have known about this drug being from New Zealand otherwise.

    1. Hi Victoria,

      Thank you for messaging and I definitely wish you the best down in NZ, what a lucky person you are to be able to live there:)))!!!!
      Well 18 years of experience with this nasty UC thing is pretty incredible, and I hope that no matter what happens with you and the future, if you do have a flare, however you decide to treat it works well and doesn’t set you back too much. Best to you Victoria!:)

      – Adam

  2. hey adam,

    just wanted to send you props for your commitment to us ucer’s! your insight and knowledge is so very appreciated! keep on keepin’ on brother!

  3. Hi Adam,

    I am just coming out of what turned out to thankfully be a very mild flare which handled nicely by sticking strictly to chicken, hamburger, zucchini and water. My question is what do you drink after it all dies down. Just stay with water. Tea? And what are your thoughts regarding coffee.


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