Bathroom Talk Video #2

Good Day and Welcome to

This is the 2nd “Bathroom Talk Video” (which is down below a little bit)
It was filmed and now shown in it’s relatively Un-cut version from my…bathroom

For everyone who’s new to the website TODAY or Recently, thanks for joining us, all the stoires here are written or VIDEO’d by ulcerative colitis people.

What is “IHAVEUC.COM” all ABOUT???

Several Major Important Reasons For the site:

1. The internet makes it easy to “virtually meet” others living with Ulcerative Colitis
“come on, how many of us got a neighbor with UC???”

2.  By reading other people’s stories about life with UC, we can ALL become more educated about our disease, and FOR SURE understanding UC makes life with it much easier.

3.  By writing your UC story in the Venting Area, there’s a GREAT chance you’ll get feedback and support from some of the other thousands of people who follow the site, because you’ll see there are now over 2,000 COMMENTS written by others below the stories.  I thank everyone of you who writes comments on other UC’ers stories!

4.  If you are looking for some reviews submitted by fellow UC’ers about local gastro doctors or if you would like to add a doctor review of your own to our growing list, this is a great place to do that.

5.  There are over 500 different stories from hundreds of DIFFERENT UC’ers from all over the world now on  Stories with titles such as:
“How I Put MY UC Into Remission”
“6MP Not For Me”
Just Diagnosed with Left Sided Colitis and Constipated
Does Colitis Remission Mean No Symptoms?”
Questions About Starting Remicade Infusions
the list goes on and and on, there’s over 500 stories like these and more submitted by people like you each day.

So, that I hope gives you an idea about what is all about.

Lastly, before this “Bathroom Talk” session is over, it’s June 28th 2011 today, a quick update on how I’m feeling… I’m feeling so good it hurts.  I think my consistency with sticking to the SCD diet along with remaining active, bike riding, doing yard work, and some yoga is all very much responsible for me getting strong and putting on some muscle again.  I can’t wait for the half marathon in Vegas.  And I can’t wait to see some of you there!

Till next time, enjoy the website’s stories, learn as much as you can about UC, write comments on each others stories, AND
JOIN OUR NEWSLETTER HERE so you don’t miss out.



if anyone is interested in watching the Original Bathroom Talk #1 video, you can do that here:


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