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Checking In

It has been a while since I last posted here at The last time I posted, life was not going so well. I was dealing with a rotten flare – the first really serious flare I’ve ever had. Lets just say that last flare really made me realize the difference between a major and minor flare. I’m back home now in Ottawa after my… Read More »Checking In

Sigh – Not Again

Yep – back in a flare again. I really am struggling to determine what caused this flare. In the past my flares have been stress-induced. But I’m really not under any stress right now. Really, apart from this flare – life is good. I’m in Belgium again for the winter, where I’m supposed to be racing my cyclo-cross bike. Well, the racing is on hold… Read More »Sigh – Not Again

Looking for Iron

I suppose you can guess by my post that I’m dealing with one of the common side effects of being in an ulcerative colitis flare… Low iron and anemia. Not good. Particularly not good for an athlete. I have been struggling this season with my cyclo-cross racing. Feeling wiped out before even getting to the start line. Not riding as well as I have and… Read More »Looking for Iron

Double Day

Normally when I write about a “double day” this means a double work-out day – a morning ride on the cyclo-cross bike and an afternoon ride on my road bike. But this was not the case on Tuesday. Nope on this day, “double day” meant: endoscopy and colonoscopy… Yes the dreaded double procedure. Purpose of the colonoscopy was to find out what is going on… Read More »Double Day