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Just Been Diagnosed with UC – HELP

Hi, my name is Ciaran [42yrs] and I live in Ireland. I’ve just been diagnosed with UC at start of April 2010, after weeks of becoming the best friend to many toilets in my local vicinity. I am really tired and feeling pretty shocked by it. On meds [pred’s and salazopyrin] and was doing ok until last week when I fell ill [headaches nausea], still… Read More »Just Been Diagnosed with UC – HELP

Just Diagnosed with UC This Week

First off: for those people who have been dealing with UC for years, allow me to give you a standing “O” (or in my case a sitting, grunting AAAaahhh). I was diagnosed with UC this week and it has been the most painful, gut wrenching, fatigue inducing experience of my whole life. I’m starting to believe this condition is just as mental as it is… Read More »Just Diagnosed with UC This Week