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All of the posts from "Annonymous UC" are from ulcerative colitis people who anonymously submitted stories or Doctor Reviews, medication, supplement reviews etc... I post all these stories to the site, but they're different from my own personal stories so hopefully this account makes more sense:) -Adam - founder of

Peppermint Tea Anyone – Helps My Colitis

Peppermint Tea (just plain or with honey) Really helps because it is relaxing, and helps keep symptoms calm. I am not running to the bathroom all the time. I have been on medications for very bad symptoms however its been awhile since I’ve last had to run to them. Initially I suffered from bloody lose stools and false sensations to use the bathroom, bad gas,… Read More »Peppermint Tea Anyone – Helps My Colitis

Flare Ups Killing Me When I Wake Up in the Morning

I am a 20 years old male and I’ve had UC for 3 years now.  Year by year I keep getting worse with my symptoms.  In the past 3 years, only 6 months I’ve had good a condition. I don’t know how one day blood can come up all of a sudden.  The biggest issue i have is flare ups in the morning.  I can’t… Read More »Flare Ups Killing Me When I Wake Up in the Morning