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I've had UC for about 5 years now. The first couple years were fairly uneventful until I tried going off medication and ended up flaring. I recovered from the first one but my gut was never the same again. I flared really bad two winters ago and found this site and the SCD diet.

HELP! New to UC and Flare-Ups!

Introduction: 29 year old single, working, educating herself, mother. Diagnosed Spring 2011. However have been on Asacol since 2008 since an eschemic bowel episode and run-in with a parasite during pregnancy. Wanting to get off all medication, achieve remission, and enjoy a bacon double cheese bar-burger when the fancy strikes. The Colitis Experience So Far: Hi Adam and All, I am new to UC and… Read More »HELP! New to UC and Flare-Ups!