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43 year female, previously had a super healthy stomach!

Wanna Be World Traveler

Introduction: My name is Sabine, mother of 2 wonderful boys, 5 and 16 years old, full-time employee, just returned to the USA from FANTASTIC but challenging trip in Europe. Some more about me: exercise, reading, movie theater Symptoms: urgency, blood, mucus, fatigue Wanna Be World Traveler – With Colitis of Course Hi UC friends, I had been diagnosed with UC in 2008, I previously posted… Read More »Wanna Be World Traveler

When Do You Go to the Hospital?

Introduction: 43 year female, full-time employed, married, 2 children 14 and 3. Never had any stomach/intestinal problems before. This is REALLY effecting my life, constantly worried that a bathroom is available UC Symptoms: bloody stool, mucus, urgency, bloating Officially diagnosed with UC in 2008 (after giving birth to my second child) after the first colonoscopy but the GI doctor suspected it in 2007 during my… Read More »When Do You Go to the Hospital?