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Can People with Proctitis / UC live a long life?

Meet Roxy:

Roxy, I believe I have posted 2 years ago before. Here’s an update!
Mild UP is back, but mild symptoms fading away on its own after 2 weeks. Nevertheless going Dr to get meds up my butt since I got a colonoscopy yesterday.

Some more…

Full time mother, and although busy, I love my baby to bits!


Proctitis. Very mild.
No pain, no D, no C, some mucus, minimal to no blood.
1-2 BM a day, well formed or sometimes soft.
When proctitis flare, I will fart wet gas, more mucus and seldom blood.

Roxy’s Story

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Mild Flare Came and Left, got PREGNANT, what is this?

Roxy fullMeet Roxy:

Roxy, 27 Chinese, living in Asia.
Happily married and now expecting our little precious cupcake!
Enjoys exploring different cultures and trying weird foods.
Used to workout diligently daily, hardcore weights and insanity. Cut down a lot and mainly walking and hiking since I discovered I’m newly pregnant.

Current Symptoms:

Mild flare and getting almost normal.

Roxy’s Story

2 years  – gassy, with well formed stool with very minor blood. Went to a GI who did a scope (short kind of scope that’s performed on spot) and diagnosed me with Proctitis. Had meds for less than a week.

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