I am a 38 year old mom of two beautiful kiddos, who was diagnosed with ulcerative proctitis in the spring of 2011. I am currently trying to follow the SCDiet and use 1,000 mg of Canasa suppositories. I was on prednisone for a month and a half (began with 20 mg, down to 10, then to 5mg). It helped somewhat, but not completely. The doctor then wanted to do a flexible sigmoidscopy, and if I had a flare he would prescribe Imuran. After reading the side effects and realizing that the last time he had performed a flexible sig... I had been on remission, but the symptoms returned. I am unsure if it was the fleet enemas for the preparation or the actual sigmoidscope. So...I told the nurse that I was going to hold off on the sigmoidscopy and try the SCD. I also tried the vitamin E enemas, but it did not help. I have an appointment with a guy in Portland, OR for a Fecal Transplant on Monday. My goal is to definitely try natural treatment befor e getting on harsh medications.