Hello my name is Mylène Savaria and I am 41 years old. I live in Canada and I am a social service worker and on the side I live my passion and teach zumba. I have 2 grown kids and a wonderful husband. I am a passionate person that loves life even when at times it is quite challenging but we live and we learn. I was diagnosed with UC in 2007. I had symptoms before that time but they went away. In 2007 it was a rough year. I got the news of my DX of UC while I was at the hospital for something else. I was at the restaurant with my best friend when I started convulsions. I ended up having a cerebral thrombosis blood clot to the brain caused by the pill (oral contraceptive) So double whammy ! I went from being healthy to having two major health issues. The blood clot is still there but at least all is stable in that department. As for the UC it gives me soooo much problems. Long flare ups and frustration in trying to get in remission.