Traveling and the SCD Diet

Introduction: I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Proctitus in 2004 (at age 47). Never had any problems before that although upon reflecting I did from time to time feel quite bloated and have abdominal pain particularly after eating a rich or heavy meal. I am currently on no meds and have been on the SCD since November 2010 (was also on SCD for a year in… Read More »Traveling and the SCD Diet

Questions About the SCD Diet and Ulcerative Colitis

Hi Everyone: I’m very happy to have found your website.  It’s terrific. I was diagnosed with ulcerative proctitis about 6 years ago.  After my second flare I tried the SCD and within a month all my symptoms were gone.  I followed the diet strictly for about a year.  After that I started adding a few illegal foods in, but was still quite careful.  I moved… Read More »Questions About the SCD Diet and Ulcerative Colitis