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Marge M

I am a 66 year old woman. Diagnosed with UC in January of 2016 after a month of going in and out of hospital (ER and 8 day inpatient stay) through out the month of December 2015. I have been on Lialda, prednisone and bently since then. Prednisone dose has gone from 40mg a day to 20mg a day.

Ulcerative Colitis and Prednisone Fractures

I have been on varying doses of prednisone, 40mg to 20mg and back. About 15 days ago, I started getting horrific pain and muscle spasms across my chest and around my mid back. I even went to the ER thinking I might be having a heart attack. Thankfully, that was not the case. Saw my gastro doc last Monday or a flexible sigmoidoscopy and 3… Read More »Ulcerative Colitis and Prednisone Fractures