A hottie that gotta potty Did I just say that? Yes, yes I did. Married 3years :) yes I had UC before we met he is awesome support and I am one of the crazy pants who has had 10+ relationships, so you can have UC and have flirty farty time meeting mr. or ms. hottie without fear, (according to one report, these farts smell like lavender) just wear a big pad and some hooter girl shorts under your under your hot stuff, especially that white dress, in case you poop your pants more preparation= less stress Small business owner, friend to many and volunteer twice a week helping kids with school and life and occasionally farting (silence is key) Can dance and sing like nobody's business, believes if she tried out for Idol she'd poop her pants Wants to try out for that reason.

No More Need for My Emergency Clothes Bag

So one or two years later and I am really sitting pretty. No more need for my emergency clothes bag, no more pads even and ZERO medication. I feel so happy, healthy and blessed. Really blessed, and so I want to share my story in hopes someone else might be blessed in the same way.