Kim Lugli

my name is Kim,living in Johannesburg, South Africa.Diagnosed with LUPUS May 1976 and since have been diagnosed with UC,Chrohns IBD and have a variety of medical conditions to numerous to mention and developed from LUPUS

lupus crohn's ulcerative colitis

Life is for Living Even With Lupus, Crohn’s and Colitis

Last night I was actually screaming with pain on the loo and I can take a lot of pain, so that was a really bad flare up.I find my joints and spine get very painfull,but I carry on working daily and dont take pain killers during the day,but get very fatigued. Take two Buscopan Co for abdominal pain when it hits, but today although very weak I am still here and typing away on Victoria cos I am a Victor and not a Victim !