The Five Stages of UC

Stage 1- Denial I was diagnosed: Ulcerative Colitis- pancolitis- all over colitis- not the left side or the right side but everywhere. Finally, a name for the pain, the bleeding, the nausea.  I was diagnosed which meant they could give me drugs, drugs that would solve my problem and relieve my pain. Soon, it would all be over.  I began with mesalamine enemas, but they… Read More »The Five Stages of UC

Acupuncture, Anyone?

So, after my last colonoscopy the doctor wants me to have surgery. So, I’m trying SCD and getting a second opinion from a doc at one of the best hospitals in Philly. My awesome primary care physician also suggested acupuncture. Thank God someone in  the medical field has suggestions for other therapies aside from drugs and surgery! I’ll try anything once.. Has anyone tried acupuncture… Read More »Acupuncture, Anyone?