I was born in Queens NYC, but moved to south Florida when I was 5. I am 25 years old and married now. I was a sickly little child and growing up, i always had colds, bled from my nose, ear aches, etc.. I was always put on antibiotics so thats what I am figureing killed my immune system... My husband is a United States Marine and we where station in NC... after he came home from the deployment is when all the heavy symtoms started. I mean i always had the stomach pain cramping and even bleeding but was told it was hemrroids.. right!! Any ways after almost a year of bleeding i told my husband he freaked out and took me to the Naval hospital on base. Long story short they misses Diagnosed me with Diverticulites.. wrong!!!! i continued to bleed until we moved back to FL and got to my worst point. But thank God for my DR her who finally gave me answers!!!