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My Colitis Disease Free Life Started January 2005

December 26, 2004. A date I can remember for several reasons. 1) It would have been my paternal grandmothers birthday, if she hadn’t of passed 4 years earlier. 2) The tsunami happened over in Indonesia 3) Reggie White, one of my favorite football players, died. And the biggest reason? I started my almost five week hospital stay. It was the longest 4 weeks of my… Read More »My Colitis Disease Free Life Started January 2005

Jamie’s story: part 2

I turned 21 in August 2003. I was still in remission at that point. I always had my colitis in the back of my mind after I thought it was gone but didn’t really think about it all of the time. December 2003 came. I remember going to the bathroom one night and seeing blood in my stool. I thought, “hmmm, any “normal” person that has… Read More »Jamie’s story: part 2