Collin Jarvis

Collin Jarvis Student-Athlete at UC Berkeley I had a full colectomy in March of 2014. I was diagnosed in July of 2013.

Hello there iHaveUCer’s! (Collin Jarvis the Runner is Back)

Hello there iHaveUCer’s! I’m back again with another update! I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2013, and wrote a piece for this website a couple days before I went under the knife to have my Colon removed in March of 2014 (link to original piece). My journey back to health was difficult. I was very weak after the surgery, and came down with an… Read More »Hello there iHaveUCer’s! (Collin Jarvis the Runner is Back)

A Battle Within

This terrible disease has given me the ability to truly see what I have. Colitis may have taken away some things, but it isn’t permanent, and this knowledge combined with my new ability to appreciate all of the other amazing things that I have going for me is my greatness.