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It’s 4am

Meet Catherine: I’m 31, though the festivities have been deferred until the current flare is over, and was diagnosed with UC when I was 27. I’m 3 months into my second flare, the first one lasted 2 years but I had complete remission in the meantime. Some more about me: I’m a lawyer by trade, and a karate instructor by passion. I love to garden,… Read More »It’s 4am

I’m in Denial

I’m in denial. I’ve spent a lot of the last year and a half, since my diagnosis with UC(ulcerative colitis), in denial. At least now, there is a part of my brain that sees it more clearly. I don’t have to spend nights on the bathroom floor, in constant pain, lose 12kg in six weeks, to know that something is really wrong and I need… Read More »I’m in Denial

Sports on SCD

Background Story: I’ve had UC since mid 2009, have been to hospital 3 times, and have not had much success with the various drugs I’ve been on. I’ve been on SCD for about 3 months (and for 6 months bfore that, but without doing the intro properly) and have found that to be a big help. The Question: I’ve got a week of really intense… Read More »Sports on SCD