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Human Strain in My Probiotic, What?

Meet Bev: Hey there everyone…Bev here….again….you all know my story…ad nauseaum I’m certain…lol….I’ve had UC for some 14 years now and currently completely in remission without meds!!! Yey!!! Why me?? Why not everyone?? My Symptoms: Zippety – doo – dah for UC symptoms at the moment! (And for the past 8 months!!!) I feel like […]

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Where Did My Ulcerative Colitis Go?

Where Did My Ulcerative Colitis Go?

Introduction: I’m Bev…I’m a 48 year old gal…I live in beautiful British Columbia, Canada…I was diagnosed with proctitis in 1999, then UC a few years later…now, I apparently have pancolitis (total colon involvement). I have had this disease for 13 years. Symptoms: None…I can’t believe it!! I was diagnosed in 1999, after four courses of […]

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