Hello, my name is Alysia and well my life consists of A LOT of Pink, small toys to step on in the middle of the night, and diapers! I am 25 and the mother of two beautiful girls. Sophie is three years old, and Scarlett is eight months old. When I am not changing diapers, and having tea parties I am doing part time book keeping for a local church. My family and I live near the beach which we visit a lot during the summer season. We try to get the kids out often so we usually attend places like the beach, or the park, I am a huge fan of Disneyland myself, and I love love love snowboarding!! We also like to go bike riding, and taking our newly adopted dog on walks. We are a very family oriented group so we also spend a lot of time with our extended family and my In -Laws. I try my best to stay positive and look at my glass half full because we never know when we could use a good drink!