So I like UC'ers.  That's been going on since 2009 I'd say. I started site and the eNewsletter(you can join that below) shortly after being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in October of 2008 with severe pancolitis (when my whole colon was inflamed). For me, it was a very rough start with severe symptoms.  Getting bounced from medication to medication was not easy or too helpful.  But, I did meet another UC'er, changes several parts of my diet, and of course the rest is history. Leave a comment, ask a question, take advantage of our past experiences here, use the search boxes, they are your friends to0:) Remember while using the site that: UC symptoms and flare ups don't last forever and no two people are the same. You cool with that?  good! now get on our newsletter so we don't forget about you.

Dr Cardenas about Primary Schlerosing Cholangitis

Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis and Inflammatory Bowel Disease GI Interview

A very big thank you to Dr. Andrés Cárdenas for taking the time to talk over skype about his experience as a practicing physician with both IBD patients, many who deal with ulcerative colitis, and primary schlerosing cholangitis patients. And as we learned in the interview recording, there are many people who have both of these IBD + PSC at the same time. Although there… Read More »Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis and Inflammatory Bowel Disease GI Interview

Water Kefir – A Great Digestive Issue Option

I think people with digestive trouble should highly consider trying water kefir as some potential help. And…there is no dairy/milk involved at all. (if you have used Water Kefir (tibicos) before, please add a review at the bottom so others can see how it worked for you!) So when I was in Australia in April visiting a close friend from my childhood, actually he was… Read More »Water Kefir – A Great Digestive Issue Option

Vitamin D Therapy IBD Children Study

Oral Vitamin D – Study Showed Inflammatory Marker Changes

A big thank you to the doctors and scientists from New Zealand who recently wrapped up their study titled: Single high-dose oral vitamin D3 treatment in New Zealand children with inflammatory bowel disease. Thank you even more to those involved with the study for making the full text version available free for all the readers to review. The link to the full study is here:… Read More »Oral Vitamin D – Study Showed Inflammatory Marker Changes

New Science Regarding Ulcerative Colitis

I was researching PubMed today and wanted to post up several studies that have recently been published. Below is a list of several I hope you read and maybe learn something from:) (I’ve included some extracts in a few of them, but the links will take you the full study to read more.) For those of you interested in learning how to use the free… Read More »New Science Regarding Ulcerative Colitis