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I started site  shortly after being diagnosed in October of 2008 with severe pancolitis (when my whole colon was inflamed). For me, it was a very rough start with severe symptoms.  Getting bounced from medication to medication was not easy or too helpful.  But, I did meet another UC'er, changes several parts of my diet, and of course the rest is history. Leave a comment, ask a question, take advantage of our past experiences here, use the search boxes, they are your friends to0:) I've written 2 different ulcerative colitis ebooks, you can check them out here. And, the Free eNewsletter, which has important updates can be joined here.

Ozanimod also Called Zeposia Reviews for Treating Moderate to Severe Ulcerative Colitis

A relatively new induction and maintenance therapy has been evaluated and approved to treat certain levels of severity of ulcerative colitis. As this medication is relatively new to the market in some countries, along with the United States, in Europe Zeposia as it is often called was authorized via the European Medicines Agency in May of 2020. There was a study published with a great… Read More »Ozanimod also Called Zeposia Reviews for Treating Moderate to Severe Ulcerative Colitis

175 Ulcerative Colitis Game Changers – Survey is Complete

Once again the iHaveUC newsletter subscribers have outdone themselves. All to benefit other UC’ers who will be surfing this website in the future. Awesome. And a great way to start off 2022. As a reminder to how this survey began, a newsletter subscriber named Paul responded to a recent message requesting we do something like this…and a few days later here we have it. Thanks… Read More »175 Ulcerative Colitis Game Changers – Survey is Complete

Conversations about Vaccinations

Just had 3rd Moderna Vaccine update Posted by I Have UC – Ulcerative Colitis Support Group on Tuesday, 30 November 2021 Today I wanted to post up a video which included a live stream on the page. The video is about my experience (after only about 27 hours so far) from getting my 3rd Moderna vaccination yesterday. Was a bit more interesting this time… Read More »Conversations about Vaccinations

adam having soup

Scoring the “How are you Feeling” Question

So traditionally, the fall and winter times have been the hardest times of the year for me and my ulcerative colitis. I can’t really say that I remember a flare up coming on during the summer months. But…maybe there was one that I just don’t remember since 2008(when I got the UC diagnosis). Either way, the winter time is coming really soon. Right now, I’m… Read More »Scoring the “How are you Feeling” Question