At a Crossroads In Life

I Might Have Ulcerative Colitis, Just Not Sure Yet

Where do I begin. I am writing this as a way to vent I guess. I am at a crossroads and do not know what to do. My dream for many years has been to be a Special Agent with the Secret Service. Two years ago with my wife’s blessing I applied. She was very supportive. I would be away in training for 7 months. Their training is very physically demanding. You have to be healthy and fit to make it through it. Also when I was working it would mean I would probably be traveling a lot. I was so excited. It ended up being a very long two year process. We were discouraged many times, because it was taking so long.

On New Years eve we finally sold our house. That had been a 3 year ordeal. We lost a lot of money on the house. We depleted our savings to get rid of it. We needed to get it sold so us moving to a different city would be easy and we would not have to live seperately until the house sold.

Over the summer I had a full and seemed like very intesive physical checkup as part of the hiring process. Everything was A OK. A little over a week ago I thought I was getting sick maybe a cold or the flu. I had bad diarrhea going 10 to 15 times a day. Then there was blood in my stool. After three days and calling in sick I went the doctor. He gave me Cypro and said it was probably a bacterial infection. A few days later and it got worse. No pain no loss of appetite. I was staying hydrated. I just had to go suddenly so much. Last Wednesday, I went back to the doctor. He called a GI doctor and scheduled an appointment for the next day to see him. He told me to go on a clear liquid diet temporarily.

That night I was sitting at home and the phone rings. The Secret Service called and said I was hired. I would be starting at the end of Febuary. WOW that would normally be so exciting, but I did not yet know what was wrong with me so I was excited but reserved. The next day I went to the GI doctor. He asked a ton of questions and did a small scope on me. He said I probably have ulcerative colitis but we need to do a colonscopy in a few weeks and some more blood work now to find out for sure. I am on Lialda right now and tonight will start a low residue diet.

So here I am. What to do? Today is the first day I have started to feel somewhat normal. But I am so freaking hungry I have lot 8 pounds because of this mostly liquid diet in less than a week. I have not worked out in over a week, which is a big problem. Right now I need to ramp up my workouts right now.

This could end up costing me this dream job. It is so unbelievable. So many different scenarios are going through my head. I know no matter what I have to tell them before I start. What if I quit my job, go to training and can’t continue because of a flare up. They let me go now I have no job and no insurance. Where I work now has a 100% iron clad policy of not hiring anyone back. I make good money here and have good insurance. It would not be the worst thing in the world to stay at my current job, but to not get this job after all this time and commitment would be crushing.



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  1. Hi Robert,

    Man you just blew me away with your post! I’m really sorry to hear about your recent troubles but know that you have found an amazing resource here at With a knowledgeable doctors help or without you can take control of UC and still lead your dream life.

    I would recommend you discuss with your doctor starting the specific carbohydrate diet right away. He might not believe in it but unless he has a good reason to keep you on a liquid diet I would fight to get back to eating protein and fat.

    Obviously I would recommend the SCD Lifestyle system that I helped create because I work with people all the time and know it works when its done correctly. We offer a 365 money back policy and assume all the risk because we want to help people like you.

    But don’t take my word for it, do your own due diligence and ask around. I would say 2 big things you could try this week that should help right away is to get some lactobacillus acidphilus probiotics and some Digestive Enzymes
    . I take and recommend GI Pro Health brands (and don’t receive a dime from them).

    Hang in there man, you’ve found a great resource!


  2. Robert,

    Sorry to hear your story.

    I was diagnosed with uc about 17 years ago. Have tried lots of different drugs that worked for awhile and then stopped.

    They were about to do surgery and i started doing research.

    Went to a chrons and colitis special seminar. they had a bunch of different doctors there discussing different treatments to try.

    I was sitting next to a pharmacist who also had uc. He told me that one of the docs there had alot of success with chinese herbs. He said it didn’t help him but alot people he knew it worked for.

    I’m not going to bore you with a long story. I decided to go see this doctor even though he was
    a 2 hour drive.

    This is a normal everyday american doctor. He just happens to treat uc and chrons patients and
    has had alot of luck

    So went to him, even though my insurance at that time didn’t cover him. I took his advice and he
    told me that if the herbs were going to work i would know within three days.

    I was skeptical but they worked.

    I still get flare ups once in awhile but have never had to go back on any strong meds.

    Your story hit home, as my husband is a police captain, and i know what his job means to him.

    Don’t know where you live but if you would like more info on the doctor let me know

    I am sure he would even be able to do a phone consult.


  3. What a story. I dont care what you do but you must keep your dream job. Check out which part of your colon is affected.It usually starts with the proctal region and is called proctitis with minimum medication you can bring it into remission and maintain the remission for a long time. Sometimes it can go away too.when all the stress is be positive and calm.
    I hope it is not colitis at all in the first place.Keep us posted.I am sincerely praying for you.

  4. What would Bond do?

    Go for it! Take the job mate! She’ll be right.

    One flare is not the end of the world. It is just one flare. You may never even get another one (just enjoy it!)

    My sister had a flare once – once – years ago – and that was all. She takes a bit of Pentasa and is sweet.

    My brother has had two flares in five years. He also takes a few pills and is sweet.

    Great you have kept hydrated; maybe consider SCD or gluten free diet while you wait for colonoscopy?…and relax it may be just a blip.

    Keep us posted – good luck,


  5. Man, I’m really sorry about you….

    I’ve UC for about two years and I get used on it….

    I may give you some advices that you may need with your journey.
    Eat Tuna in the morning.
    Eat more meat and few fish when you’ve a flare.
    Eat more fish and few meat when you don’t have a flare.
    Don’t eat or drink dairy
    Drink a cup of spoiled Curcuma twice daily “you can add sugar to the cup”.
    Eat an apple before any food and try to eat Lettuce all the day.

    Take Triple Antibiotics for a month or Flagyl and Flumox which will kill the bacteria of the Colon.
    Keep on Asacol 4G daily on every 12hours with Asacol suppository 1G twice daily.

    Don’t take Prednison, it’s a poison and will low your Bone Mass Density by 7% every 6months with just a low dose of 5mg which you won’t take at first which means you’ll have Osteoporsis by at least %10.

    You may it up to two weeks to get it down…. Try it you won’t lose anything.

    Good luck with your new job.

    God be with you….


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